Rajasthani Wall Hangings

Wall hangings are decorative items made of different materials which are used to enhance the beauty of the walls of your home or office. Rajasthani wall hangings are some of the sorted and popular products of the desert land, Rajasthan. Most of these wall hangings are handmade but nowadays, even machine-made Rajasthani wall hangings are also available in the markets.

Rajasthani wall hangings are excellent for gift purposes as well. They are available at highly affordable prices.

Features of Rajasthani Wall Hangings

Rajasthani wall hangings have been made by the weavers of Rajasthan for many centuries. The Rajasthani craftsmen are skilled to make these wall hangings. Like every region has some own special feature, similarly, Rajasthani wall hangings too have some distinct qualities of their own. Most of them are very intricately designed with lots of beads, mirrors, stitches and patchworks. Rajasthani wall hangings are made of very vibrant and rich colors. Their enthusiasm and love for vivacity in life is clearly reflected in their choice of colors.

Some of the most common decorative styles are appliqué, tie- and dye, aari-zari work, embroidery, thread work and embossing. The common motifs are geometric, floral, animal, abstract designs, religious figures, contemporary ideas and many others. The traditional designs coupled with lots of zari work and mirrors make them very attractive and one-of-a kind. Nowadays, even cotton and silk Rajasthani wall hangings are also available which are very beautiful. Some of them are even woven with gold or silver threads.


This Rajasthani wall hanging will accentuate your entrance with unparalleled elegance and lure.


Uniquely crafted this Rajasthani decorative wall hanging displays a stunning blend of colors and textures.


The miniature elephants crafted in various colors makes this decorative Rajasthani wall hanging a beautiful piece of art.


This multi-shaded Rajasthani decorative wall hanging is best for decorative purposes.


Exclusively crafted this Rajasthani decorative wall hanging with three layers of miniature birds is an amazing piece of art.


The tiny elephants encircled within multi-shaded rings make this decorative wall hanging a wonderful piece of home décor.


Deep, vibrant and luxurious colors make this Rajasthani decorative wall hanging exclusive.


The intricate thread work on this decorative Rajasthani wall hanging is a captivating creation.


This multi-colored Rajasthani decorative wall hanging is a rare creation to enhance your home décor.


The miniature figures woven in threads of exotic colors make this Rajasthani decorative wall hanging unique.


The vibrant shaded elephants woven in a single thread make this decorative wall hanging a splendid creation.


This vibrant shaded elephant wall hanging is an exquisite masterpiece that one would love to store forever.


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