Gujarati Wall Hangings

Wall hangings are objects made of different materials which are always used to enhance the beauty of your walls and Gujarati Wall Hangings have always been a favorite with all. The Gujarati wall hangings are unique pieces of works. It is also termed as Leaper work or Mud work . It is one of the most ancient forms of art prevalent in Gujarat. These Gujarati wall hangings are beautifully adorned with lots of mirror work, zari work, stones and beads.

Aspects of Gujarati Wall Hangings

Since the seventeenth century, Gujarat was one of the leading centers for fine commercial embroidery of different kinds. Even today, the areas around Kutch and Saurashtra to the northern Gujarat belt, is one of the leading producers and exporters of Gujarati wall hangings. There are many types of Gujarati wall hangings like Chakla, mud wall hangings, Kutch wall hangings, cotton wall hangings, wall hangings with hand embroidery works, vintage wall hangings and others. Most of these wall-hangings are hand-crafted; however, some are even machine-made.

Gujarati Mud Wall Hangings

Gujarati mud wall hangings are usually made on a base of hardboard or some light wood. The patterns may vary ranging from geometric patterns or animal or bird or abstract human figures. They are generally made from ceramic clay or mud. Then the mud wall hangings are colored and adorned with beads, tiny mirrors or stones. These Gujarati mud wall hangings can also be customized quite easily to match the size, color and pattern of the buyer.

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