Gujarati Runners

Gujarati Runners

Gujarati runners are usually hand-made and adorned with beads, stones, mirrors and lot of zari work. They look very attractive and are unique pieces of art work. They are used to add an extra value to the walls. It is one of the most common and popular form of handicraft which is carried down the generations by weavers.

Aspects of Gujarati Runners

Gujarati runners are available in different patterns like animals, birds, abstract human figures or mythological figures. Gujarati people do not prefer the dullness and drabness of routine life and this is clearly reflected in their choice of colors which shows their vibrancy of life. As a result, the Gujarati runners are available in vibrant shades of red, green, velvet, black, blue, maroon and ochre. They are even woven in intricate manners with various shades of threads. Nowadays, even batik, embroidery, bandhni, tie and dye are common patterns in Gujarati runners.

Gujrati Runner29

Gujrati Runner28

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Gujrati Runner25

Gujrati Runner24

Gujrati Runner21

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