Embroidery Wall Hangings

Wall hangings as the name suggests are used to decorate the walls. They come in various shapes, size, colors patters and price tags. To further enhance their beauty, embroidery is used on wall hangings by stitching in strands of various threads with the needle on a vertical loom.

Craftsman make intricate and captivating hand made designs, which makes embroidery wall hangings very popular.

Different embroidery artworks including art needlework, cross-stitch, suzani, phulkari, hardanger are used to accentuate the beauty of wall hanging. Weavers use colorful patterns and a range of weft threads such as linen or cotton and costlier silk, gold and silver.

Types of Embroidery

  • Free Embroidery - As the name suggests, free embroidery motifs are made without the underlying fabric. The motifs are made on a fixed number of threads on the underlying fabric.

  • Surface Embroidery - In this the motifs are made on the foundation fabric with decorative stitches and laid threads.

  • Canvas Work - The threads are stitched in a thick pattern which covers the foundation fabric.

Wall Hanging Accessories

  • Hook Wall Hanger - With simple design and great affordability, hook wall hangers are the perfect wall hanging accessory. Purchase it in pairs and varying colors from nickel finishing to black to golden. Coordinate it with the color of your wall hanging and walls. Cover the plastic hooks with plastic tubing to protect its furnishing and avoid scratching.

  • Small Shield Wall Hanger - These shields are beautifully crafted loaded wall mount in different designs. Itís made of different metals like brass and nickel.

  • Large Shield Wall Hanger - From chic to contemporary style, large shield wall hanging has a lot of style which can transform the entire look of your large shields.

Walls Embroidery is used for the adornment of garments and furnishings. It is beautified with the intricate stitches, mirror work and patchwork. It gives traditional accent to the room. Wall hangings in bright traditional colors made from cotton thread catch onlookers attention.

Types of Embroidery Wall Hangings

  • The Embroidery wall Hangings coming from Banni in Kutch are bright yellow, red and saffron. It is enriched with mirror work and beads.

  • The embroidery done by the Jat community uses the motifs of architectural designs also called Heer Bharat. It uses intricate, complicated stitches, rich golden embroidery and decorative patchwork and mirrors.

  • Mirrors are used to beautify the motifs. They are embellished at the centre of the whole pattern. Motifs of birds, peacocks, parrots, scorpions, elephants, beautiful floral, ornamental pattern and flowers are used in Ahir Bharat. The stitches are similar to arri embroidery.

  • Chain stitch and arri are used for attaching the mirrors and other embellishments.

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