Wall Hangings

Wall Hangings

The catalog for your home décor cannot be without wall hangings. Popular as the Indian tapestry, wall hangings came into extensive use since the 18th century. Havelis and palaces in Rajasthan had wall hangings in the forms of traditional paintings. Deities and wildlife were two important subjects of wall hangings besides Radha Krishna and depiction of romance.

Subjects of wall hangings from India began to change by 19th century with pictures of hunting, country scenes, ancient art, medieval era and abstract pictures taking over as popular subjects. Several forms of materials also emerged such as aluminum plates. metal base, wood and bamboo mats. These became an important part of the handicraft industry and popular buys for modern homes. Bedroom, living and dining have wall hangings of different kinds and subjects. You can prefer children wall hangings with cartoons and wildlife as subject for your child’s room while dining can have the Last Supper of Jesus.

Popular Wall Hangings for Home

The popular types of wall hangings available in the market for your home are mentioned below. Prices of these wall hangings vary according to their making, quality and size.

Cloth Wall Hangings

Light and transparent cloth often having borders is popular since the 18th century when Rajasthani paintings were done on them. Colors used then were mainly fruit juices. Artists then created masterpieces on cloths. Even today, cloth paintings are done with organic colors and widely available in the online stores. Subjects of cloth paintings and embroidery are often war scenes, soldiers marching, forest, love and romance, women, folk dance and poetry. They also can have religious chants written on them. Hung on the entrance of the home, these can be a symbol of faith, power and culture.

White Metal Hangings

Crafting and wok of artisanship on white metal, such as on hard aluminum sheets, are among the best wall hangings that modern homes feature. They vary from small to large and have colored background. Crating can be of a religious symbol such as cross, Ganesha idol, Nataraja, sun god and human face.

Mat Wall Hangings

Mats mainly made from bamboo and cane make excellent wall hangings. They are often thick bases for fabric paints and embroidery work designs on them. Such wall hangings can be mat strips (thin) or cut out in shapes of the subject, such as the idol of Ganesha. You can have creative numbers painted on them, cartoon characters, paintings of deities and animals. Mat wall hangings are inexpensive ones. They are easy to make at home as well. You can buy bamboo mats from local shops and paint on it, do paper crafts and thread embroidery works.

Palm Leaf Wall Hangings

Palm leaf, known to the world since the 15th century, are actually dried leaves used for writing in the olden days. They looked like a scroll of document and are foldable. Paintings on these palm leaf scrolls often have a single theme like Radha Krishna, Ganesha, musical instruments, ships, Krishna in his childhood days and tribal potteries.

Tribal Metal Hangings

Tribal art has been an important subject in wall hangings for decades now. Tribal art forms are unique and often abstract. Human figures, religious and tribe customs, utensils were more often the subjects covered on metal base and sold as wall hangings.

Wooden Wall Hangings

Wood wall hangings are precious handicraft items to mostly the antique lovers. Wood carvings are masterpieces that come in variety of colors and hues giving the most traditional look to especially Indian bungalow homes. From the divine love of Lord Krishna and Radha to contemporary art, everything is possible on wooden craft.

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