Top 10 Exporters of Handicrafts

Top Handicrafts Products of India

The history of Indian handicrafts can be traced back to antiquity and it captures a rich blend of functionality with artistic ingenuity showcasing the cultural brilliance of the nation which has been a melting pot of diverse communities, customs, tribes, traditions, languages and culture.

This labor-intensive industry is spread across the length and breadth of the country and is a source of sustenance for millions of people.

Handicrafts products of India are many and distinct from each other. From the Dokra tribal jewelry fro West Bengal to the gemstone paintings by the artisans of Jaipur; handicrafts products of India are distinctly different from each other. Handicrafts products by artisans from places as different as the north eastern part of India or the down south are appreciated and sought after by connoisseurs both in India and abroad.

List of Handicrafts Products

The various handicrafts products of India can be classified under the following heads:

  1. Handicraft Items
    The handicraft items are made from a variety of things like Wood, Stone, Metal, Glass, Cane & Bamboo and Pottery

  2. Handlooms and Textiles
    The handlooms and textile products range from designer textile items to products of home furnishing.

  3. Jewelry
    The jewelry products from the handicrafts industry in India range from exquisite tribal jewelry to beaded, metal, lacquer and silver jewelry. Jewelry boxes with intricate tribal work are also in vogue and widely manufactured.

  4. Apparels and Accessories
    Ladies and gents apparels and accessories with a distinctive traditional flavor are also manufactured by the artisans from all over the country and constitute a major part of India’s handicrafts products.

  5. Carpets
    Indian carpets have evolved as an art form over the centuries. These woolen or silk coverings have been in vogue over the years and contribute extensively to India’s foreign earnings.

  6. Leather Goods
    Leather, a material liked by people around the world, has been used over the years by India’s handicraft artisans to produce footwear, bags, belts, cloths and other home accessories.

  7. Paintings
    Miniature paintings and folk art paintings are an artisan’s expression in pictorial form and have long formed an integral part of India’s handicrafts products.

  8. Garments
    Indian garments with its beautiful design and embroideries have long been a favorite in the international market. The textile industry of India captured the world market with its intricate artwork. With a large variety in fabric and richness in their design, the Indian garment industry is flourishing business worldwide.

  9. Paper Products
    The paper industry of India was always vied for in the export market and considerably rules a strong position in the world. With varied types of paper products like paper bags, table accessories, and decorative, the industry is sure to enjoy its favorable position in the market.

  10. Furniture
    Furniture products of India are also shares a great favoritism inm the world export market. Beautifully designed Beds, Stools, Cabinets, Almirah, Tables,Chairs, Mirror Frames, Home Temples, Sofa Sets holds a strong position in the market.

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