Top 10 Exporters of Handicrafts

Top 10 Exporters of Handicrafts in India

Indian handicrafts open the door to the cultural ethnicity of India and quite evidently, a host of handicraft exporters dominates the Indian market. The handicraft industry and its exporters span the country and stretching from eastern corner of the country to the western and northern part of the country to the southern. A labor-intensive industry, the handicrafts exporters are mainly decentralized organizations operating in both the rural and urban areas. A major revenue generator of the country, the Indian handicrafts industry offers sustenance to over 6 million artisans throughout the country. The Indian handicrafts export is mostly concentrated in states like, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Gujarat.

The exporters of handicrafts from India manufacture and export a variety of handicrafts. These handicrafts range from artmetalwares, wooden artwares, hand printed textiles, embroidered goods, marble and soft stone crafts to papier mache crafts, terracotta, zari and zari goods, artistic lather goods and imitation jewelry.

The Indian Government has also recognized the vast potential in the Indian handicrafts industry and identified it a thrust area for export promotion. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India provides exporters of handicrafts in India a variety of assistance and incentives. The assistance includes financial assistance for product development, publicity and marketing and various other social and welfare measures from the Office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) under its Export Promotion Scheme. The Indian Government is also setting up Special Economic Zones (SEZs), exclusively for handicraft products, at Greater NOIDA, Moradabad and Jodhpur to help the handicrafts exporters in India.

List of Exporters of Handicrafts in India

The handicrafts manufacturing industry in India is decentralized and spread all over the country. The exporters of handicrafts are distinct from each other not only owing to the difference in their location but also because of the kind of handicraft items they export. If one focuses on manufacturing and exporting artmetalwares then the other specializes in zari work and so forth. The handicraft exporters are both in the private as well as the public sector.

The top 10 Exporters of Handicrafts in India are:

  1. The Handicrafts Handloom Exports Corporation of India:

    A Government of India operating Ministry of Textile Company, HHEC boasts of an unparallel range of Indian handicrafts, Indian gifts, leather decorative, wrought iron handicrafts, gems and jewelery, Indian antiques, leather decorative, Indian handlooms and Indian decorative.

  2. Sakura Handicrafts:

    One of the leading Indian exporters, Sakura Handicrafts deals with the trading of hand made carpets, fans, ladies tops, silk tops, t-shirts, custom jewellery, silver tone jewellery, and bags.

  3. Sanjay Exports:

    A south Indian based Export Company; Sanjay exports mainly focuses in the arena of Ayurvedham and herbal products. The company, which is now in business for over 15 years, has almost become a one-stop resource Ayurvedhic and herbal products.

  4. Aadish Handicrafts:

    A Delhi based Export Company; Adish Handicrafts deals with the manufacture and export of table lamps.

  5. M/s Finesco International: One of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Brass, Iron & Aluminum Handicraft Items, Finesco International have created a mark globally with their products.

  6. Salar Overseas:

    Based in Moradabad, uttar Pradesh, Salar Oversaes are a manufacturers and exporters of all Indian Artistic handicraft Items and specializes in Lighting with UL CE approved.

  7. M/s fairdeal International:

    The Export Company of Moradabad trades business with brass and iron artwares handicrafts.

  8. Neha Export House:

    The export Company from Delhi is one of the leading exporters of Indian gem and jewelry. The company also specializes in trading silver jewelry alonmg with other handicraft jewelry, decorative handicraft, terracotta jewelery, and other decorative.

  9. Overseas Handicrafts:

    A Moradabad based Export Company, Overseas Handicrafts deals with the trading of Brassware, Garden Accessories, Christmas Decorations, Brass Handicraft Products.

  10. Indian Handicrafts Textiles Syndicate:

    The Textile Syndicate deals with the manufacturing and exporting of ancient armours including wearable and non-wearable neck plates, leg armour, breastplates, shoulder armour, French, Spanish and Russian Swords, Fantasy, Samurai, Rapiers and Oriental SwordsCivil War.

Other Handicrafts Suppliers in India are:

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