Table Top Collections

Table Top Collection

Table accessories are an important part of home décor that enhances the look of your dining hall, bedroom and living room. Table top collections are decorative items and when placed on the table have utility as well. The dining table is not without the set of plates and

crockery items. There will be dinnerware, fruit baskets and candles adding to the sophistication of your home. The tabletop collections differ as per their position and the kind of table you have.

Guide to choose the right table top collections

Here are few hints to choose the right type of table accessories for your home.

  • Select items as per the position of the table. A table in living room will have different showpieces than the one in dining room.

  • Too many table items can spoil the show

  • Having a taste in design is important

  • Match the table accessories with the other set of furniture. If the table is made of marble, the accessories can be of marble as well

  • You can highlight the local handicrafts like homes in West Bengal can have cane and bamboo products.

Materials for table top accessories

  • Brass models

  • Bronze artifacts

  • Marble products

  • Wooden items

  • Cane and bamboo products

  • Hard jute items

  • Soft glass models

Things to decorate table

You can place the following items to give your table a chic look:

  • Flower vase

  • Pen stand

  • Ashtray

  • Artifact/showpieces

  • Candle stand

  • Statues

  • Photo album

  • Coasters

Types of table top accessories

  • Living room table top accessories – Your living room can highlight your taste in home décor and sophistication to the best. There can be a tea table and a side table in your living room. The tea table will have minimal decorative to preserve the place. You can place a wooden showpiece on a glass tea table, or a marble Ganesha in a reclining position. Flower vase is the most common tabletop artifact on the living room table. There are metal, bronze, marble and even wooden vases that you can buy.

  • Bedroom table accessories – Scented candles will fill your bedroom with sweet aroma and these are among the popular bedroom table accessories. Flower vases, showpieces and night lamps are other things widely seen on the tables.

  • Dining table collections – Dining table is usually larger than that in living room and dining room. Dining table made of marble, glass, metal and wood is common in the households. The main dining table décors include glass vases, candle stands and dinnerware. Large showpieces do not suit dining tables. You can place cane or bamboo made fruit basket in the middle of the table. Silverware for display is also an important tabletop collection.

  • Worktable collections – Worktable collections could well include wooden pen stand, marble candle stand, ashtray, paperweight and even vase of artificial flowers. People also prefer bronze and glass artifacts that are simple in designs and frame for their study and worktables. You can experiment with table lamps and its shade.

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