Nagaland Shawls

Nagaland is a hill state. It is located in the extreme North-eastern part of India. Being a hill state the people out there are seen and prefer wearing warm clothes.

The distinctive costume of Naga people are wrappers, shawls, waistcloths. But Nagaland shawls are the most distinctive and famous within in India and all over the world. Nagaland shawls are the traditional shawls and are very warm. They have a distinctive pattern that is primarily red and black in color. They are worn by various Naga tribes. There are around 16 tribes in Nagaland and each has its own distinctive design and color combination.

The shawls from Nagaland are famous for their unique designs and motifs. They have distinctive patterns with traditional design motifs including simple clean lines, stripes, squares and bands.

How Naga Shawls are Made

Naga shawl are made with narrow loin looms. Naga loom consists of a simple back-strap with a continuous horizontal warp. It consists of six sticks serving as the warp beam, lease rod, heald stick, beating sword and extra warp beam. Nagaland shawls are woven with a rayon weft and weaving is done mostly with cotton. The shawl is beautified with figures woven on the centre such as elephants, tigers, mithun, cocks and circles, representing human heads. To give variety the fabrics of the shawls of Nagaland are dyed in indigenous colors.

Distinctive Feature of Naga Shawls

Naga shawl are made by weaving three pieces separately and stitching them together. The central stripe is more decorated than the other two, which is almost of the same pattern. Shawls of Nagaland are mostly made of red and black wool.

Types of Nagaland Shawls

Nagaland shawls are available in a vast variety. It varies on the basis of the design and the tribes using them. Tsungkotepsu Shawl: It is the characteristic cloth of Aos tribe and is woven on a dark base. Rongsu Shawl: It is one of the most decorative shawls worn by the Ao tribes and is mainly a male shawl. Angami Naga Shawl: This is a black shawl with thick bold embroidered animal motifs. It is mainly worn by the warriors of Angami tribe. Supong: It is a worn by the Sangtam tribe and used by the rich people. Rongkhim: This is the most beautiful shawls worn by Yimchunger Naga tribe. It is red and black with narrow grey bands at the two edges. Tsungrem Khim: Itíss an exclusive female shawl. Lotha Shawls: Worn by the Lotha tribe, this Naga shawl has several patterns.

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