Jamawar Shawls

Jamawar shawls are one of the oldest forms of art woven on fabrics. Its emergence dates back to 18th and 19th century. It flourished majorly in the Central Asia and Persia. Jamawar shawls are made beautifully by skilled craftsmen to produce comprehensive patterns. Jamawar shawls are the perfect combination of tradition, luxury and warmth. It was originally made for the Moguls of India. The designs involved in were based on the flora and fauna.

These shawls are quite popular and can be often seen young girls and working women mixing it with their wardrobe. The literal meaning of jamawar is "fabric by the yard." The technical and trade name of Jamawar is shawl cloth or long shawl.

Jamawar shawls are formed by weaving it on loom with intricate patterns. It uses tapestry technique throughout weaving. The Jamawar tapestry shawls have several elements such as different borders, woven panels, and embroidered fringes.

These shawls have different striking patterns such as floral design of small repeated patterns or stripes. There are an infinite number of designs in the jamawars. The most common and high in demand are are rega-buta, kirkh-buties and jaldars. Rega-buta has small flower motifs, while kirkh-buties have large flower motifs. The jaldars patterns have net like forms.

Jamawar Shawl 77

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