Marble Statues

Sculpture is among the oldest form of art. One of the most preferred materials for sculpting by artists was marble. Historically, marble sculpting was mostly restricted to the European civilizations. The Greeks and the Romans were the most famed marble sculptors. Great sculptors like Michelangelo, Marcoletti etc. worked solely on marble. It was seen as a status symbol of power and refined taste in European culture.

Marble is very suitable for sculpting. It is kind of translucent so that the sculptures look more realistic when fashioned into figurines, especially human. Marble by nature is also a soft malleable rock which can be easily chiselled and moulded. Also as the marble ages, it becomes more resistant and durable.

How Marble Sculptures are Made?

To make a marble sculpture, the rough stone is first chipped off of all the unwanted pieces thus giving it the overall shape of the statue. Once the shape is achieved, it is refined and carved further so as to complete the sculpture. The fineness and detail of the sculpture depends on the artistís time skill and dedication. This figure is then polished to add shine. Also many a time, the sculptor first creates a wax replica of the statue before beginning work on the stone.

Uses of Marble Statues

Marble statues make extraordinary decoration items. One trip to Italy will give you the full extent of the potential beauty and taste marble statues can give to a place. They are popularly used for making busts and full sized figures of famous people to be displayed in public places. It can be used to make a statue of practically anything. It is also a good option for decoration at home too. Intricate and fine statues of marble are expensive but can really spice up your showcase. It is better to consult an interior designer or decorator before installing large sized marble statues in your home as they may look out of place if not placed properly.

Maintenance of Marble Sculptures

Compared to other materials, like metals, marble needs more maintenance. The surface of pure marble is very sensitive to acidity. This can cause yellow or brown stains on the statue. Thus, it is not advisable to keep it outside as it can be affected by acid rain or other environmental factors. It can also lead to staining if you touch it too much as it absorbs several skin oils. One of the ways to preserve its shine is to wipe it with a wet cloth from time to time so as to remove any dust or chemicals that might have fallen on it. Marble statues can also be polished from time to time to further improve their look and feel.

Price Range of Marble Statues

Depending on your budget, marble statues are available in a wide range of sizes and designs. Of course, the most famous place for authentic marble statues is Italy. There are many museums and art stores in Italy dedicated to Marble Sculpture. They also offer their wares on display on their websites. One can browse through the selection and order the statue they like and have it shipped to the destination. Apart from Italy, statues are also made in china, parts of India and other European nations. Italy is the marble capital of the world. Interested people also collect marble statues as a hobby. They go to auctions and bid on famous and historical art pieces.

So be it a collectorís fantasy or a home designer, marble is the way to go. Order one today and you will not regret your decision to invest in this wonderful form of art that is marble sculpting.

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