Copper Statues

Copper Statues

Statue of Liberty is the testimony to how copper statues can withstand harshest of weather situations yet remain intact and not lose its exquisiteness over the years. This wonder metal has inspired generations of artists and sculptors to carve and create magnificent sculptures without worrying about any galvanic reactions that may occur. People have been fascinated by copper's non-rusting property and malleability compared to traditional metals like iron.

There are no real distinct starting points for the first documented use of copper as a sculpting material. Copper has been used for various purposes since 500 BC, though the oldest known copper artefact ever discovered is a copper pendant dating back to 8700 BC. In Indian history, it has mostly been used for making statues of gods. Many kings patronised sculpting. Copper sculpting has been documented in India even as early as 100 AD. Many later dynasties like the Cholas and Pandyas greatly patronised this art and took it to new levels. Major statues of gods in many major temples are made out of copper.

Being easy to obtain and rust free, copper was seen as a common manís metal. While the kings could afford to have their statues carved in gold and silver, the common man had to make do with copper ones. Being relatively easy to maintain, they were ideal for this. Incidentally, one of the most recognisable statues in the world, Statue of Liberty is made from copper.

Making of Copper Statues

Copper sculpture making is a very fine and ancient art. Apart from the normal carving and shaping, many treatments are also given to the statue like chemical oxidation and precise copper casting so as to protect the copper statue from corrosion and increase its longevity.

Uses of Copper Sculptures

Copper statues can be placed in gardens, drawing or living areas. Because it is resistant to rust, it can be used outside with ease too. In fact most of the gardens today have fountains made of copper. Copper statues are also popularly used as attractions and decorations in parks. They give an aesthetic sense of beauty to the surroundings.

Copper is also a great choice for home decorations. Fine copper sculptures are a great way to spice up your showcase. Artists from Gujarat are famous for making copper statues of women. Copper statues can also be used for practical purposes. These days, it is becoming a fashionable trend to have essential oils in copper diyas. You will find several temples housing copper statues too.

Price Range of Copper Sculptures

Depending on the size and design, copper statues can range in price from a few thousands to lakhs. More than the size, it is the design that matters. Fine copper sculpting takes a lot of time and skill and thus is charged as such. Copper statues can be found at reputed handicraft stores in cities. With the advent of internet, copper statues shopping has become easier than ever. One only needs to go on to the internet to find the huge range of statues available in various categories. You have the devotional sculptures, the decorational ones, the artistic ones and the miniature. These sites also offer to ship the products to your doorstep for a fee though one has to verify the seller before making a purchase so as to avoid any fraud.

How to Maintain Copper Statues

Maintenance of copper statues is relatively easy. Copper statues may lose their shine after a while and may need to be polished (Once a year is sufficient). These days copper statues are being given a special coating so as to protect it from this loss of sheen.

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