Leather Photo Frames

Leather craft is the oldest and highly esteemed crafts in India. Leather is used to make spellbinding artifacts such as handbags, wares, apparels, accessories and photo frames. Leather photo frames are crafted into a variety of designs. Unlike Wooden photo frames, leather photo frames have a corporate feel to it. The very fact that the photo frame is made up of leather, makes it look classy, stylish and very professional. This kind is gaining popularity for gifting in both, personal and professional sphere.

Leather Photo Frames make the very nice gift including graduation gifts, wedding party gifts, in a wide-variety of colors and styles, to meet the varying tastes. A perfect picture of a memorable occasion can be placed in a leather photo frame and remembered for years to come. Leather Photo Frames look sophisticated and elegant. They are made to the highest standard of craftsmanship with the finest vegetable tanned leathers. They are available as lined and backed with luxurious silk and secured with brass fittings. Leather Photo Frames are available in various soft-suede frames in muted tones. They are perfect for family photos in the living room, bedroom, work space or carries while traveling.


The types of leather used in photo frames are of different kinds. From calfskin, goatskin, vegetable tanned, chrome tanned, oil skin tanned, Napa leather, full grain, genuine Italian to suede leather, all are used in making photo frames as well as other leather accessories.

Napa leather is soft and is a suitable choice for making leather photo frames. These days bonded leather is also being extensively used for the same. It is not pure leather but has leather fibres mixed with other substances to give it a leather feel. Polyurethane or vinyl products are found in the texture. However, the bonded leather has several properties, which makes it preferable. They are highly durable, owing to the polyurethane or vinyl compound can be easily cut for a variety of designs, no natural defects while production and it is environment friendly as well. Since it is made out of recycled leather fibres, it reduces the cost and landfill waste. The best quality is that bonded leather is low on maintenance and can be cleaned very easily.


The price of the end product will differ depending upon the quality of leather used. For instance, genuine leather will be expensive compared to a suede one. This is because genuine leather consists of several layers of hide, whereas the latter is the inner part of the hide and incurs low cost. A regular sized bonded leather photo frame is priced at Rs.500-1000 in India, while suede one is slightly cheaper. However, brands and designs can make it expensive.


States like Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Punjab are more pronounced with the production of leather goods. It is because of their strong production capacity of leather. Tamil Nadu has about 60% of tanning capacity, so it alone contributes to around 40% of the country’s leather exports. Goat, sheep and cow skins are processes in the state, while heavy hides of cows and buffaloes are processed in Kanpur and Kolkata.

These states have several manufacturers of leather accessories, who are actively trading leather goods across India and abroad. Several online portals like tradeindia.com and indiamart.com have complete directory of manufacturers, who are into leather accessories.


Leather products need a lot of care and hence, products suiting the skin should only be used. No ammonia based cleanser like acetone, shoe polish, nail polish remover etc. should be applied on the surface of leather. This will completely damage the leather. Use a mild liquid soap and dilute it in water. Clean the surface with cotton, dipped in the solution. The surface, on drying may appear a little pale. Rub it with oil or Vaseline to restore the shine. Alcohol is also a safe option to clean leather goods, including leather photo frames. However, this should not be done on suede, which is more velvet and is bound to get soiled easily.


Leather photo frames are a good gift choice. Right from company’s inauguration, bosses or a colleague’s farewell, birthday or any corporate event, the leather photo frames are the best option for customised gifts.

Some people use it simply to enhance the interior decor of the house. The leather texture adds an element of sophistication to the picture frames. From French, English to our Indian societies, the accessory has gained popularity over the years. Now days, leather photo frames are no longer drab and dull. They are now available in a variety of colours and designs, enriching the experience and the interiors of your house. The high quality of leather, used in photo frames, makes it durable and long lasting.

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