Camel Leather Photo Albums

Camel Leather Photo Albums

Camel Leather Embossed Photo Albums are in rage. The soft and delicate color of camel handcrafted embossed Photo Albums looks simply great. The intricately embossed leather is further enhanced with pattern designs on both front and back covers. It is available in different paper types are such as Black, White and Herb/Floral mix.

Camel leather photo albums are found in a variety of shapes and sizes. It can hold a number of photos. The desert set up of camel’s leather adds magical touch to one’s found memories. Unique, one-off handcrafted genuine goat leather photo album is artistically embossed with a unique classic pattern. The pages are handmade cotton paper and individually bound by hand. It is made from materials that are unprocessed or have gone through minimal processing. One can find bohemian, rustic and weathered look in camel leather photo album. It is perfect to hold fountain pen, glass tipped pen or any ink pens

There are a lot of variations and deviations in camel leather, color, texture and thickness. To make leather photo frame, the material is brought from the local village market of Rajasthan. Often there are ‘markings’ on the leather like pen marks, scratches, chalk marks. They are then beautifully handcrafted into beautiful photo albums. To make camel leather photo albums, the leather is individually dyed, cut and embossed to finish that gives it the originality. Craftsmen work on piece to piece journals so no two pieces are exactly alike. Distressed finish and the uniqueness of each piece, stands out impressively.

Camel leather photo albums are hand-cut, hand-bound and handcrafted designed using old world traditional techniques and both contemporary and traditional patterns.

Camel leather photo albums

Camel leather photo albums have gained popularity, at par with other conventional leather photo albums and frames. Apart from photo albums, the camel skin or leather is a popular choice for making an extensive range of goods. Right from fashion garments, bags, shoes, belts, toys, diaries to photo frames and albums, Camel leather is now being used for all.


Going by common sense, the availability of camel skin or leather is likely to be in places where the animal thrives. For instance, Middle Eastern nations, a few Australian cities, which are around the Australian desert, and Rajasthan, in India excel in manufacturing camel leather items. The presence of the animal in these places has made camel leather goods a success.


Apparently, camel hide is about ten times stronger than bovine hide. A strong skin allows the animal to beat the heat, especially in soaring temperatures. This allows the camel leather to be the most superior qualities of leather. It has more fibres in the skin, thereby making it a good choice for goods that require more durability, strength and above all can undergo rough handling. The camel leather can be stretched up to five times more than any other type of leather.

Type of leather

The best part of camel leather is that it doesn’t retain the animal hair. Post slaughtering, the animal skin is split into two. The interior is used for smooth, finished leather, sometimes also referred as suede or faux leather, while the outer skin is used for tougher, unfinished leather.

Faux camel leather is used in making photo frames and albums. This type of camel leather is smooth and easy to clean as well. The finish of camel leather albums may appear to be granular, but has a smooth velvet finish.


Camel leather photo albums are increasingly being used for gifting purposes. A very popular option in camel leather photo album is the handcrafted leather embossed photo album.

A vast variety of designs are made on camel skin albums. In Egyptian countries, hieroglyphs are often seen embossed on camel leather photo albums. In Jaipur, Rajasthan, the art of embroidery has also picked up a trend. It is stitched on velvet and then fixed on camel skin. This practice was initially started on Jutis or footwear, atypical of Rajasthan, but later picked up on a variety of other camel skin goods. Some of them are purses, garments and photo albums.

Being highly durable, camel leather photo albums ensure protection to the photos or memories of one. The photo albums in camel leather are usually beige to light brown in colour. It is a perfect choice to gift on anniversaries or weddings. The ethnicity of the work on the camel skin albums add a special touch to the memories, stored within.


Like other types of leather, camel leather is also characterized by a distinct smell. Many people find it irritable as they do not know how to remove it. Airing doesn’t help much, so try using leather protective shields, which are easily available in the market and look like oils. A generous layering of the product on the camel leather surface of the photo album, will help in protecting the leather and keep it good as new. Stuffing a handful of damp dryer sheets or paper rolls will help in absorbing the odours. They do not completely remove the stench, but control the foul odour to some extent.

No matter how stinking the smell might be, but this distinct smell helps in generalizing a camel skin product from other fake variants.


A camel leather photo album can vary in cost, depending upon the work it has. For e.g. a plain camel leather photo frame will cost somewhere between $1-10. However, a little embossed or crafted camel leather photo album can have prices shooting to $50 as well. The more work, the more costly the item is.

If you are a fond of camel skin products, go looking for some Camel leather photo albums. Despite being a little costly, they are worth the value. They are stylish, durable and also user friendly.

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