Brass Inlay Wood

Brass Inlay Wood Photo Frames

Brass Inlay Wood Photo Frame has a rustic appeal and charm. Brass is an alloy made of copper and zinc. Its bright-gold appearance makes its perfect for making home accessories and centerpieces. The Brass Inlaid Wooden Picture Frame looks very nice. It is available in different shapes and sizes.

Inlays, as the literal term goes, means a trim or border of a piece of furniture. For e.g. metal inlays wood be metal trim or border on furniture. However, inlays no longer are a part of wooden furniture alone. In fact, they have made their way into many wooden decorative items, one of them being the photo frames.

Wooden photo frames with brass inlays are quite popular and are often seen in many souvenir and gift shops. For brass inlays, the chosen trim in a photo frame is that of brass, while for some it can be of stone as well. There are many pieces of wooden frames, where the inlays are of the same colour as wood, making the entire piece look like it’s been chiseled from a single block of wood. However, metal inlays in wooden photo frames impart a classic vintage or an antique look.

Fine brass inlay work of flowers and foliage highlights this carved shesham wood egg. Hard shesham wood from fast-growing shesham trees is easily carved and lends itself to inlay work. These handcrafted brass inlaid picture frame have an international appeal and attract buyers. They are available in various forms including deep, dark wood frame carved in a curved face design with accentuated inner and outer edges. It can be further enhanced with beautiful intricate floral brass inlay and delightful patterns.

The addition of the brass inlay wooden boxes not only accentuates the beauty can be gifted to loved ones, peers, coordinates, friends, acquaintances and family members on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Anniversary, wedding and other social eventsIt can be various shapes including rectangular shaped wooden photo frame, multiple crescents in squares square, triangular shape or rhomboid shape.

It befits to aromatize surrounding every time. Wooden incense boxes decorated with leaf motifs convert the home into a garden with the scent of incense sticks. Brass Inlaid Wooden Picture Frame awakens the cherished memories. Antique finish photo frame with concentric rectangular patterns preserves the photo attractively and imparts the room an antique look. It can be placed at the workplace or inside the house. It is appropriate to illuminate and decorate the home décor and welcome entrants.

Type of Wood

Wooden photo frames use woods, which come from a variety of different trees. The wooden frames are carved from both, hardwood and softwood. Under hardwood, balsa wood, walnut tree wood, ramin, obeche, mahogany and bass wood are primarily used for picture frames. Out of these the last four are referred as soft hardwoods and are getting extensively imported from Indonesia. These kinds are easier for making metal inlays. It is often dent and scratch resistant, providing a better quality for frames.

However, dense hardwood like oak, walnut and cherry pose the difficulty to saw the wood and therefore, have made many manufacturers resort to soft hardwood and softwood. The convenience to carve a frame out of softwood makes it a more suitable choice for photo frames. In soft wood, wood from Pine trees, redwood and cedar are used to carve photo frames.

Craftsmen generally use hands for inlaying brass or any other metal into the wooden frames. Although machines can be used, but hands by far remains a favourable option. Chisels and knives are used for such inlays.


In India, Saharanpur, U.P remains the hub of all wooden work and wooden furniture. Wooden frames with brass inlays are popularly seen by most of the state government cottage emporiums. However, seeing the popularity, the decorative items are now available in most parts of the country, like Delhi, Rajasthan, U.P etc.

Several manufacturers have also set up their online shopping portals, giving ample choice in designs of wooden photo frames with brass inlays. There are now 2-3 sided wooden photo frames, ornate single wood brass inlaid picture frames and many other wooden frames in a variety of shapes and sizes. A regular sized frame, being handcrafted with brass, comes in the range of Rs.400-500. However, depending upon the quality of wood and degree of brass work, the prices can shoot up.


Cleaning brass without damaging the wood, in a wooden photo frame, is quite a challenge. However, a few mild ingredients can be used to maintain the shine of the metal along with the wood polish. Using products like ‘Brasso’ can be a good option.

Apply it on a piece of cloth and rub it gently along the inlays. Apply a thick coat of Vaseline on the wood, so as to avoid any marks from the chemical rub on brass. Post polishing the metal inlay, remove the Vaseline layer on wood with a clean cloth. This will add shine to the wooden block as well. Although different types of polishes are available for use on different types of wood, Vaseline remains a safe bet.


Both brass and wood works can be associated with virtues of elegance and gravity. Wooden picture photo frames with brass inlays highlight these virtues well through their unique vintage style of creation. They are popularly being used not just as items of decor, but for gifting purposes as well.

Brass inlays are becoming quite popular. Other than wooden picture frames, brass inlays are regularly seen in coasters set, wall clocks, mirror frames etc.

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