Photo Frames

Photo Frames

Photo frames are bordered structures that hold photographs and paintings. They are also known as picture frames and are popular decorative items in homes, offices and hotels. A major reason for framing photo is that it prevents it from fading or accumulating dirt. It also makes the picture look more attractive. If the right kind of frame is used, it has the ability to bring the photograph to life.

Photo frame acts as a personalized show piece. Interior designing experts believe that one of the best ways to transform a house of brick and mortar (and / or wood) into a home is to use personalized items like framed paintings made by kids or photographs of family members enjoying themselves on a beach or a mountain top, or in a party with friends. These framed photographs can be hung on the wall or placed on the mantelpiece, shelf or table with the help of an easel. Any number of photos and paintings can be used provided there is space.

In addition to their utility, photo frames are great as gifts. There are a number of advantages in gifting picture frames. For instance, these can be given to both men and women and are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors and designs. Also, they are comparatively lesser priced. The best benefit of giving photo frame as gifts is that it is both formal and informal. On one hand, a photo frame can be personalized to make someone feel special and it can also be a stylish corporate gift. Here is an overview of the types of picture frames that you can consider:

Types of Photo Frames

The nature of the photo or painting and the place where you wish to keep or hang it basically decides what kind of frame you need. There are a large variety of photo frames available today with different shapes, designs, sizes, colors and look. In general, photo frames can be categorized into two – traditional photo frames and contemporary or designer photo frames. Traditional photo frames are made with materials like wood, brass inlaid wood, metal and ceramics. They have exquisite carvings, designs, colors and patterns that are reminiscent of the rich art and cultural heritage of India. Contemporary picture frames have a modern look with influences from all over the world. The materials used to make them, their designs and colors are varied. These can be handcrafted as well. Technology usage has introduced digital photo frames that show more photos in a single photo frame space. Here are the popular types of photo frames:

Leather Photo Frames

Leather from camel, goat and other animals is a sought after material for making photo frames. These can be dyed in a range of colors and is a good surface to make designs and even paint. The versatility of leather is what attracts artisans to stitch, stick or emboss leather into beautiful photo frames. These are available in both traditional and contemporary patterns.

Ceramic Photo Frames

Ceramics are clay that is put in kiln to fire it to make it hard. Being durable and smooth, ceramics can make good looking photo frames in different types of shapes. Apart from a variety of colors and designs, ceramics can be shaped easily and given a polished as well as a matte finish. Picture frames made of ceramics are well known for its intricate patterns, 3D shapes and colors. A monotonous room can be prepped with color by placing ceramic framed photos and paintings. Glitter on the ceramic picture frame makes it an instant favorite among kids.

Metallic Photo Frames

Moldable metals are great materials for making photo frames. Metals like aluminum, silver and iron and alloys like bronze, steel and brass are used for making beautifully engraved traditional picture frames. They make for memorable antique photo frames as well. The creativity that can be shown on metals has also attracted modern artisans who have created designer photo frames out of metal. These picture frames are ideal corporate gifts and are highly durable.

Wooden Photo Frames

Wood is a popular and one of the oldest materials for making photo frames. Teak, Sheesham and Walnut wood are famous for making photo frames. Painters used to frame their paintings of Hindu epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata, gods and goddesses with wood, which was carved on the borders to enhance their look. Wooden picture frames have come a long way from those times. You can also find designer wood photo frames with customized engravings, inlay work and various degrees of polish. Wooden photo frames are also cut in various shapes and smoothened to give a rich look. These picture frames have the earthy look that makes pictures generate a warm feeling.

Brass Inlaid Wooden Photo Frames

Engraved wooden structures make for great furniture, but to make a special picture stand out in the room, a little more than just carvings is required. Brass inlay on carved wood enhance the look of the wooden structure. These photo frames give an ethnic feel to the picture making them timeless.

Handmade Photo Frames

These photo frames are popular among people who wish to have a personalized frame for a particular picture or painting. These frames are usually made by hand and are unique in their design. If you wish to make a captured moment special, a hand-made photo frame is an excellent choice.

Digital Photo Frames

These are battery or power operated frames where a number of photos can be inserted using a SD card or pen drive. An interesting point about these frames is that a large number of photos can be seen in a few minutes owing to its constantly changing photo option. Although, in the present times, digital photo frames are becoming increasingly popular, it cannot replace the charm of a static photo in the living room that captures the attention of every guest with whom you would love to share the story of how it was taken.

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