Gemstone Paintings

Gemstone Paintings

Precious stone painting is popular as gemstone painting. Canvases of such paintings are created by skillfully grinding several semiprecious stones, creating excellent visual effects. The most popular variety of stones used for such paintings are amethyst and garnet. Painting of garnet is however less expensive than those done with grounded amethyst. Color stones are used for getting the color variations in the paintings. The specialty of this kind of handicraft work is that no artificial colors are used for the subjects. The paintings also have a natural luster because of the bright stones and last longer. Gemstone paintings do feature a traditional richness.

History of Gemstone Painting

This art has its origin in the state of Rajasthan, India where jewelry designing is a traditional industry. Powered or grounded gemstone could make great composition during Rajputana rule. because of its richness and costing, paintings of gemstone was mostly found in the royal palaces and homes. Being a type of glass painting as well, Indian artists gave credits to Chinese artists. Being a depository of semi precious stones, this art form soon had subjects such as Mughal court, elephant and camels. Women adorned with jewelry also made an excellent theme.

Stones used for Gemstone Painting

Among the list of precious and semi precious stones, these are widely available to enhance this craft. Artists power the following category of stones:

  • Agate The brightness of colors and the smooth texture of agate rock stones makes them important in gemstone painting.

  • Amethysts The violet quartz variety, the almost crimson and violet colors is one reason why this stone is widely used in painting.

  • Sapphires The most common variety of sapphire stones are blue and yellow.

  • Citrine The pale yellow stone, the powder gives color to human body and face and often other objects in a scenery.

  • Crystal Multi colored round and oval stones grounded to have several shades.

  • Emerald Dark green variety of stones used to paint the leaves on trees.

  • Garnet Dark red stones often with a maroon tinge, flowers have this grounded stone power as colors on gem paintings.

  • Jade An ornamental stones used for making necklaces, Chinese Jade are green stones.

  • Lapis-lazuli The dark blue stone with high holistic properties, this is used to paint the sky and river even in Renaissance paintings.

  • Pearl An extract from under sea, pearls are mostly black, pink white and cream colored.

  • Ruby Pink and blood red stones and its prices are depended on the colors. The pigeon red stone is the best quality ruby found.

Gemstone Painting Techniques

The sketching of the theme or subject is done on the glass and then powered gemstone is used instead of other colors. Though the technique seems easy, it requires highly skilled craftsmen.

Here are few steps to a gemstone painting:

  • Make the design of your choice on the reverse side of a glass sheet and make sure you can see the image from the other side as well.
  • Apply gum or glue on the portions you want the color or powered gemstone to stick.
  • Start applying one color gemstone power at a time. For example, fill in red wherever required on the painting.
  • You can remove the excess power by tapping the glass sheet. Do not rub on the image.
  • Take a brush and clean the other parts of the glass sheet where you will find small powder particles still left.
  • Frame the glass and put on display.

Types of Gemstone Painting

  • Indian gemstone painting This craft is in vogue in Rajasthan and powered gemstones are used to fill the images with color. The base color is light with bright-colored power as fillings.

  • Chinese gemstone painting In Chinese variety, instead of the powdered form, small and large semi-precious stones are in use.

Highlights of Gemstone Painting

  • Natural gemstone power used as colors.
  • No brushstrokes used on the image.
  • In scenery, there is often a single human character. Sky is a large backdrop.
  • Rajasthani women characters have the traditional attire and sona chandi jewelry.
  • Tones of colors vary according to subjects. Hindu idols are painted in dark shades of orange, yellow and red.
  • Great work of craftsmanship.
  • You can make at home as well.
  • Subjects of gemstone paintings vary from scenery to elephants to Radha Krishna and Rajasthani women.
  • You will find a lot of bright colors such as red, orange, green and yellow.
  • They are traditional and high-quality paintings, ideal for your living room walls.

Uses of Gemstone Paintings

  • These paintings are highly appreciated as local handicraft in the worldwide market.
  • They make great corporate gifts.
  • Excellent wall decors.
  • Personal favorites of art lovers.
  • The traditional art form has modern subjects, too.
  • Gemstone paintings are also specialized home antiques for art lovers.
  • As they are fine examples of Rajasthani handicraft, tourists are the main buyers.

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