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Contemporary Indian Art

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The Indian contemporary Art got the breakthrough in the 21st century. From the elitist business houses and royal families, crème de la crème to rich and glamorous- everyone is eager to possess a fine piece of Indian contemporary art. The contemporary Indian art has entered the drawing rooms, office space and living area of the middle-class buyers.

The artists of the Indian contemporary art are classified as Oil painters, Acrylic painters, water colorists, terracotta sculptors, installations artists, etc. But the 21st century artists are experimental and don’t restrict their creativity to a single medium. There are popular art schools that have been named after important centers of art like Santiniketan, Baroda, Calcutta, Bombay, Pune, Delhi, Chandigarh, Chennai and Trivandrum. The Indian artists have always been an integral part of the Indian life. Contemporary artists in India take inspiration from various sources and styles. Influence of various cultures can be seen in the artworks of various artists which cannot be categorized into any specific existing genre.

Today the contemporary Indian art is a crucial element for alternate investment portfolio. The significant shift in the Indian art has drawn a huge attention. There are various galleries across all major metros of India. In various auction sites contemporary Indian art is auctioned that has many buyers. Investing in Indian art prove to be quite lucrative. But before any purchase, one should have sound knowledge, insight and awareness about the art.

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