Metal Collection

Metal Collections

Metal products are integral to modern homes that feature stylish and elegant interiors. Metal collections enhance the look of the living room, bedroom and dining. There is a list of metallic art and craft that is easily available in the market and online stores and are great

home décor items. Metal art furniture also has commercial purposes such as decorating an event gallery and outdoor exhibition hall. Both for indoor and outdoor setting metal collections can be a worthy yet inexpensive one. From table top showpieces to metal furniture, your home will have a complete look.

Metal home décor products

You can anonymously choose some of the metal products to decorate your home

  • Metal bells at the entrance

  • Shoe racks

  • Curtain holders

  • Idols for the prayer room

  • Lucky charms

  • Metal wall hangings

  • Clocks

  • Table top metal collections

  • Lamps

Types of Metal collections

Urban homes in India are not without a touch of metal décor, be in furniture, kitchen set or home accessories.

  • Metal furniture – Wrought iron is the best example of latest trends in metal furniture for homes. You get beds, tables, chairs, dining tables and wardrobes of wrought iron make. The wrought iron alloy welded can be made into different sizes and shapes. It is an effective substitution for steel and garden furniture is most popular in this metal form. Since the 13th century Rome, wrought iron was used to make show racks, wine case, flower pot racks and desks. They are light weighing and easily movable in the house.

  • Metal showpieces – Metal handicraft items include those made from brass, copper and bronze. You can find table top collections of these metal varieties such as Lord Buddha statues, pen stand, masques and even idols of Hindu God and Goddess. Home decoration accessories of brass and bronze, displayed in the living room, look like vintage antique items in a palatial home. Among showpieces are metal vases, teamed with natural flowers, exudes a soothing aroma in the room.

  • Metal wall décor – Paintings on metal base are popular wall décor. There is a list of designer wall art collections on metal handicrafts other than painting. Metal shield with intricate designs and metal wall hangings are some of the items used as wall décor in homes. Metallic framed photographs can make an excellent gallery.

  • Metal garden furniture – Outdoor or garden furniture is fast gaining popularity. Bungalows, garden restaurants and hotels have metallic furniture such as coffee tables, chairs and the food trolleys. You can sit out in the garden or have a get together with metallic furniture sets serving your purpose well.   

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