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Metal And EPNS Handicrafts

Metal and EPNS handicrafts are in huge demands today. Fresh and appealing designs and the sustainability of the decorative value of the metal products are attracting more and more buyers these days. India Handicraft Store has done a sincere effort in bringing some marvelously crafted metal and EPNS to the forefront. These products will certainly entice the retail buyer. IHS presents you great range of metal and EPNS products such as, bathroom accessories, brass wares, door handles and knobs, office stationary, cutlery and more. Find them all in the links below:

Hook Wall Hanger:

With simple design and great affordability, hook wall hangers are the perfect wall hanging accessory. Purchase it in pairs and varying colors from nickel finishing to black to golden. Coordinate it with the color of your wall hanging and walls. Cover the plastic hooks with plastic tubing to protect its furnishing and avoid scratching.

Small Shield Wall Hanger:
These shields are beautifully crafted loaded wall mount in different designs. Itís made of different metals like brass and nickel.

Large Shield Wall Hanger:
From chic to contemporary style, large shield wall hanging has a lot of style which can transform the entire look of your large shields.
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Metal And EPNS Handicrafts
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