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Indian Handicrafts Store presents an online library with information on handicraft products from different parts of India. Handicrafts have always been an integral part of life and culture of India. Handicraft was part of daily life of India but it aimed at transforming the purely functional into a sublime work of art. Indians have crafted goods for utilitarian purposes, religious rituals and for beautifications. Starting from the crude wooden toys and carts excavated from Indus Valley Civilizations, to the modern fashion accessories, the saga of Indian handicraft continues for ages. Handicraft was, in fact, one of the major components of the Renaissance of Indian thought in the 19 th and the 20 th century as social reformers started promoting village based crafts for the cultural and economic regeneration of India. Mahatma Gandhi's ‘charka' symbolized this profound thought and became a mighty tool for the fight for India's independence. The long years of colonialism had successfully marginalized Indian traditional arts and crafts. A major aspect of Indian freedom struggle, thus, became the comprehensive revival of handicrafts and handlooms, resisting the onslaught of foreign Industrial products. Naturally, handicrafts was incorporated into India's economic planning and acknowledged not only for its aesthetic qualities but also for its earnings potential. Indian handicraft traditions have not only survived, but also gained prominence all over the world for their quality, beauty and utilitarian values. Read about these timeless handicraft traditions of India in this online library.

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