Wooden Lamps

Wooden lamps are apt for any room decoration whether in corporate offices or for homes. Lamps are said to dispel darkness. Materials like wrought iron, metal and wood are used for making lamps. Wooden lamps are very famous. With the help of different kinds of finest wood, there is a huge collection of wooden lamps available all across the world. They are examples of exquisite design and craftsmanship. With wooden stand and lampshades, wooden lamps are just perfect for any decoration.

Making of Wooden Lamps

The making of wooden lamps is a long process. The most important is the selection of the wood. The process of selection is, indeed, quite tedious and taxing. Wooden lamp is an assortment of fine and top quality wood, matchless pattern, finish and refinement. After selection, wood is then shaped and processed for being moth-proof. Sometimes, the wood is sandpapered in order to bring out the beauty and make it more appealing. Next, the wood is threaded and drilled to insert the cord. Then, a lamp socket is fastened with a lamp bulb. Finally, the wooden lamp is finished with coating and painting, which is environment friendly. This is done to meet with the international standard of performance.

Types of Wooden Lamps

It is really surprising that rustic, sandy and earthly wooden lamps fit into any modern decor. These are fine works of art and great showcase the classic and contemporary styles. Hence, you can create subtle drama in your home with wooden lamps. For making wooden lamps, different kinds of wood can be used like hardwood, softwood, mahogany, rosewood, sheesham, teak, birch, pine and driftwood (gathered along beach or sea; for eg. Miami Beach). Walnut wood lamps are handcrafted with varied designs and patterns and done up with vibrant hues. Indeed, walnut wood lamps are result of skilled craftsmanship from India. Different kinds of wooden lampshades are:

  • Wooden Table Lamps
  • Wooden Floor Lamps
  • Wooden Wall Lamps
  • Wooden Pendant Lamps
  • Wooden Ceiling Lamps

Hand Painted Wooden Lamps

There are a few hand-painted wooden lamp models too. These hand painted wooden lamps look splendid and brilliant with intricate design and meticulous finish. The lamp stands are painted with motives representing traditional Arab fishes, flowers or jewelry, European culture, Chinese traditions, and ethnicity of Indian art and craft and are available in different colors. All these handcrafted, painted and stylized wooden lamps showcase the modern creativity and intellect while preserving the ancient folklore and conventions.

Wooden lamps are forever. Besides indulging you in social mores and ethnicity, it also enhances the look of the room in homes or in offices. So, bring in wooden lamp of your choice and enjoy with it.









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