Walnut Wood

Walnut Wood Lamps - Stylish, Warm and Elegant

If you are looking to add a dash of elegance and ethnic beauty to your house, you must bring in some walnut wood lamps. These lamps bring a nice charm to the space and lend a cozy ambiance. It is not without reason that lamps made with this wood are so much in demand. Read on below for more about these attractive lamps.

The beauty of walnut wood lamps

Walnut wood is considered ideal for making furniture and ornamental accessories, the major aspect in its favor being its color which ranges between shades of grey and purple. You also get walnut wood in shades of white, gold and cream. As the wood ages, it develops a patina tint which gives a perfect antique look. It is because of this feature that it is so extensively used for making lamps.

Another advantage of walnut wood which works in favor of ornate lamps is its grain, which is wavy and curly and lends a very unique appeal. Also, the grain in this wood is uniform and typically, it does not contain uneven forms. However, if you want lamps made of such curled or wavy grains, you will have to shell out a lot of money because such woods are rare to find. So, they are very valuable. Since the grain of walnut is valued, it is usually not veneered. After the lamp is carved, it is coated with a layer of wax polish in order to prevent it from pest attacks. This is one of the checks for authentic walnut wood lamps. Veneered wood is usually not walnut, despite the almost similar color.


This splendidly crafted walnut wood lamp with intricate floral carvings looks both elegant and modish.


This walnut wood lamp lends your home décor a subtle and serene effect by its simple design.


This walnut wood lamp crafted out of fine quality walnut wood highlights a tale of simplicity and creativity.


You can accentuate your bed-side table with this exquisitely crafted walnut wood lamp.


This walnut wood lamp crafted out of high quality walnut would leave you spell bounded with its intricate arches and patterns.


Made in simple yet elegant patterns this walnut wood lamp would add an extra spark to your home decor.


Intricately crafted this walnut wood lamp is an unique gift for a loved one or just for yourself.


Let this exquisitely designed walnut wood lamp highlight your table décor with unequalled poise.


This bi-shaded walnut wood lamp is reminiscent of the glorious tradition of Indian handicrafts.


This distinctive walnut wood lamp serves to add that extra spark of beauty to any bed-side table.


This beautiful walnut wood lamp with its intricate carvings is an extremely eye-catching attraction.


The rich traditional culture of Indian crafts is reflected in this walnut wood lamp crafted out of high quality walnut wood.


Kinds of lamps

Wood lamps are of different kinds. You find table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, ceiling lamps as well as pendant lamps. Making lamps out of walnut wood requires a lot of skill and craftsmanship. Lot of designs and patterns are carved intricately out of this wood to make lamps which have a very ethnic feel to them. In fact, the intricate carvings are a kind of trademark for walnut wood lamps.

Places where you find walnut wood lamps in India

In India, Kashmir is very famous for walnut lamps, firstly because walnut tree is found in this region and secondly, the artisans here are extremely talented in the art of carving. Besides lamps, all kinds of walnut products such as furniture and handicrafts from Kashmir are also very famous and have gained international repute. On the world scenario, this wood is found in eastern part of United States. These lamps are not intricately carved but have bolder cuts and patterns. The intricacy of Kashmir craftsmanship is unmatched.

Cost of walnut wood lamps

The cost of these lamps depends on a lot of factors. The part of the tree from which the wood is extracted makes a difference to the costs. Costliest products are those which are made from the wood which is close to the roots. Usually, major part of this is used for furniture and the left over blocks from this part are used for making lamps and handicrafts. These are expensive. Lamps which are made of wood taken from the upper parts of the tree are cheaper.

Cost also depends on the intricacy of carving. However, in the recent times, in order to cater to contemporary style of décor, the intricacy has been reduced and designs are more solid and bolder. Semi-carved lamps are the order of the day for ethnic designs in the present times. Nevertheless, the heavily carved lamps are still the most expensive of the lot.

Walnut wood lamps are good for use in all rooms and thanks to the variety, they are good for all kinds of decors as well.

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