Goat Leather

Goat Leather Lamp Shades

Goat Leather lamp shades provide a rustic look to the décor of the room. Leather is obtained by tanning the hides of animals, mainly cattle. It is especially important in the footwear industry. Most of the leather is obtained from cows. However lamb, deer, ostrich, kangaroo, snake and even crocodile skin has been used to make leather. Leather can be crafted easily and decorated using a number of methods which makes it a very versatile raw material.

Crafting of Leather

Leather can be crafted into art objects using shaping or coloring techniques. At times both the techniques can be used in leather crafting. Leather is dyed using alcohol or spirit based dyes. These get absorbed into the leather very quickly and carry the pigment deep into the material. Moist leather is carved using metal instruments to give a three dimensional look to a two dimensional object. Leather can also be stamped to provide designs. Stamping is done by striking the leather surface with a mallet. The crafted leather is conditioned with oil to make it water proof and prevent fibers from deforming.

Goat Leather

Goat Leather is a relatively new and profitable article of trade. Goat leather is obtained from a special type of goat that is a result of cross breeding Australian feral goats and South African Boer goats. Goat leather is soft and easy to craft rendering them ideal for making various objects.

Goat Leather Lamp Shades for Home Decor

Leather lamp shades diffuse the light to provide a warm glow to the room. Lamp shades made from leather complement western furniture. Leather lamp shades look best in log cabins, ranches or cottages. Leather lasts longer than ordinary fabric. But the leather used to make lamp shades should be of good quality and treated, so that the heat from the lamp does not split it. Crafting good quality and durable lamp shades of leather is an art. Leather provides a dramatic effect to the atmosphere. Goat leather lamp shades can be bought online from various websites.

Goat Leather Lampshades 18

The golden color fabric with traditional patterns of red and blue color makes this goat leather lampshade a precious possession.

Goat Leather Lampshades 17

The image of Lord Ganesha on this splendidly crafted goat leather lampshade lends it a spiritual touch.

Goat Leather Lampshades 16

This beautifully crafted goat leather lampshade display elaborate patterns in the form of a peacock in vibrant hues.

Goat Leather Lampshades 15

This intricately crafted bright yellow lampshade with saffron shaded designs looks both elegant and modish.

Goat Leather Lampshades 14

Let the national bird of India enamor your senses as you place this beautifully crafted goat leather lampshade on your bed side table.

Goat Leather Lampshades 13

This splendid goat leather lampshade has an evergreen touch with the nicely painted floral patterns on it.

Goat Leather Lampshades 12

This goat leather lampshade has an image of Lord Vinayak painted on it and will accentuate your marble shrine with unparalleled grace.

Goat Leather Lampshades 11

This goat leather lampshade has the charm of wildlife with its patterns mostly in shades of green.

Goat Leather Lampshades 10

This goat leather lampshade lends your room décor a serene and subtle effect by its patterns in shades of yellow.

Goat Leather Lampshades 9

This goat leather lampshade will be a perfect gift for your grandparents as the image of Lord Ganesha will serve to bring them spiritual peace.

Goat Leather Lampshades 8

This multi shaded goat leather lampshade lends your room décor a multi-dimensional effect.

Goat Leather Lampshades 7

The image of Lord Ganesha on this splendidly crafted goat leather lampshade lends it a spiritual touch.


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