Coconut Wood

Coconut Wood Lamps

Coconut wood is coming out as an alternate to hardwood, especially for the middle and low income groups in the coconut-growing regions of India. With the help of wood processing technologies, coconut wood can be used for any wood based industry. Coconut wood lamps lend your home décor an elegant effect by its simple design.

Overview of Coconut Wood

Traditionally coconut wood had been used for making roofing structure for village houses, farmhouses, cattle sheds and tool handles. The villagers were using some conventional methods to treat the wood. But modern scientists have come to a conclusion that, coconut wood can be a capable material for the manufacture of furniture, novelties and other handicrafts due to its beautiful grain and attractive natural appearance. Coconut wood is used for making different objects, such as:

  • Doors and window frames and panels
  • Attractive furniture like sofa set, dining table and chairs
  • Wall panels
  • Stair railing
  • Cylindrical pillars
  • Lamps Cylindrical pillars

The main attractive factor of coconut wood is the low price, which is almost half the price of conventional wood. For this reason it is being exclusively preferred by the middle and low-income groups in the coconut growing states of India, especially in Kerala.

Coconut Wood Lamps for Home Decor

To satisfy your creative liking you can look through a wide range of coconut wood lamps which display modern creativity as well as preserving the tradition and ethnicity of Indian art and crafts. You can highlight your bed-side table, drawing room, and even office with this delicately crafted coconut wood lamp. The coconut wood lamps come in a variety of styles and easily blend with the look of your interiors. The coconut wood lamps have given a new dimension to the home décor of India.








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