Applique Lamp Shades

Applique is the procedure of sewing pieces of fabric onto a base cloth and creating designs. Applique work can frequently be seen in quilting. Applique is used for decorative purposes and hence can be found on many items of home decor, one of them being lamp shades.

Lamp shades add a new dimension to the overall décor of a room. These lamp shades are used to highlight a particular corner, a particular area or add an extra touch of style to the overall layout of a room. Today, markets are flooded with various types of lamp shades like beaded shades, single color shades, made out of various fabrics, beautiful painted shades, embellished shades and appliqué shades. Of these, the appliqué ones are most attractive and have gained huge popularity these days. Applique is a work of art where a layer of fabric is designed and is stitched on another fabric. It is either sewn or pasted to the main fabric.

Origin of Applique

Applique is derived from the French word appliquer which means to put on or lay on. Applique has been used as a decoration technique since 980 BC. The earliest applique work was found in Egypt. Applique work is used in many cultures to decorate objects of religious significance.

Applique Lamp Shades

Lamp shades with applique work look absolutely stunning. With interesting motifs of people, animals or nature in contrasting colors, these add vibrancy and color to a room. Asymmetrical designs and geometrical patterned applique work looks brilliant on lamp shades. These lamp shades can further be glamorized by teaming the applique patch work with beads, mirrors, ribbons, laces and other embellishments.

Best style of Applique Lamp Shades

Various types of traditional stitches are used on the applique shades, the best among them being Bakhia, Guntha, Turpa and Chikan which accentuate the applique pattern. Slightly elevated motifs are also created through several folds which are equally gorgeous. Today, you can easily find a wide array of designs to suit your house décor. Many manufacturers even offer customized applique lamp shades wherein you can specify the patterns, colors and fabrics and decorate your house with unique lamp shades. To keep pace with contemporary décor, motifs and designs with modern elements are used on lamp shades with applique work.

Applique lamp shades come in variety of colors and patterns. These lamp shades can either be fixed on a stand or can be hung from the ceiling. The actual beauty of these lamp shades is further enhanced only when they are suitably matched with the interiors of the room. A mismatched lamp shade with applique work will simply look out of place. The design, color and pattern should gel with the interior decoration of the concerned area. These shades with exquisite craftsmanship, perfect combination of colors, innovative shapes and innumerable sizes will definitely provide an extra edge to the overall ornamentation of the house.

Applique lamp shades are done on easily washable fabrics. Since these shades gather a lot of dust with prolonged use, easy washing makes it quite convenient. These shades regain luster once they are properly washed. They do not require any special care and can be handled without any hassles. The price of these lamp shades begin from as low as Rs 50. Depending on the size and designs, these shades are priced variably. You can select applique shades for your lamp in accordance to your willingness to spend. These lamp shades are easily available in almost all house décor stores and are marketed effectively to meet national and international demands.

Applique lamp shades are mostly made in the states of Orissa, Gujarat, Bihar and Rajasthan in India. These shades with intricate hand work require a lot of artistic skill and patience. Each state follows a distinct style and pattern to create these beautiful handcrafted lamp shades. In Orissa, almost all the people of Pipili village are engaged in applique work and you can get an unimaginable range of lamp shades here. These are 100 percent handmade. Experienced artisans create them with total dedication and finesse. These lamp shades with applique work are not only recognized within India but are highly appreciated on an international level. For tourists, these are some of the best take homes. The versatility of the shades makes them suitable to be used on all kinds of lamp stands, be it wood or metal.

Process of Appliqueing

Applique is an art of perseverance. A desired shape is cut out from a fabric and sewn onto another contrasting or complementary fabric. Applique does not always use fabric. In some cases beads or sequins may also be used. Appliques can be combined with embroidery to create various effects. The material to be appliqued may be bonded instead of sewn. This is faster and easier than stitching.

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