Terracotta Jewelry

Terracotta Jewelry JS-005

The fine skill of the craftsman is reflected in this terracotta jewelry set hand painted in orange and grey shades.

Terracotta Jewelry JS-007

This uniquely crafted terracotta jewelry set lends your whole appearance a rustic appeal.

Terracotta Jewelry JS-006

When adorned with a deep shaded pure silk sari, the authentic charm of this terracotta jewelry set would reflect upon you.

Terracotta Jewelry JS-004

The intricate pattern carved on this deep olive colored terracotta jewelry set is simply splendid.

Terracotta Jewelry JS-003

The crude look of this earthen colored terracotta jewelry set reflects in your appearance a bewitching appeal.

Terracotta Jewelry JS-002

The nice blend of brown and green shades in this terracotta jewelry set highlights the irresistible beauty of this set.

Terracotta Jewelry JS-001

A deep shaded terracotta jewelry set with gold tinges allover imparts a sense of profundity.

Terracotta Jewelry JRN-005

This natural brown terracotta jewelry set with traditional patterns carved on it lends you an ethnic lure.

Terracotta Jewelry JRN-004

This brown shaded terracotta jewelry set with matching earrings symbolizes the wanderer’s spirit.

Terracotta Jewelry JRN-003

A beautiful jewelry decked with natural brown terracotta beads bringing out the feminine grace of yours.

Terracotta Jewelry JRN-002

This simply crafted terracotta jewelry set reflects your inclination towards the simplicity of the contemporary fashion trends.

Terracotta Jewelry JRN-001

This natural brown colored terracotta jewelry set comes with is crafted simply keeping in tune with the recent fashion trends.

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