Finger rings in general are an ornamental accessory worn by men and women. Rings would also imply earring, toe rings and belly rings. Made from metals like gold, silver, brass, glass, shells and even plastic, rings in modern day are an integral part of social functions such as reception, engagement and weddings. Gemstone, diamonds, artificial stone rings and imitation rings are popularly worn in Europe and Asia.

The customary place for the wedding ring is the fourth finger in the left hand, though in some cultures this can vary. The wedding ring in Asian countries is mostly made of gold and diamond. Rings of emerald, ruby and amethyst may also have astrological implications. Pearl rings are classy ones while gold and silver are two main metals for rings. Handcrafted rings, popular as fashion accessories, are made from wood, brass, plastic, fiber and shells. Shell rings are part of ethnic jewelry and are a trendsetter.

Types of Rings

Diamond Rings

Diamond is always placed on top of the list of precious stones. Diamond is placed on the surface of the ring and gets all the attention of the onlookers. Diamond solitaire is the precious stone that gleams with brilliance. Choose a loose diamond of adequate size. It is advisable to select a larger diamond so that it dominates over the ring. Round is the popular shape of the solitaires for the diamond ring. Other popular shapes are marquise, emerald, pear and oval.

Platinum Rings

Platinum ring is a beautiful and rare metal. It is more valuable than gold and a lot more durable. The platinum rings are quickly becoming the most popular wedding rings. Itís the perfect way to conceal the relationship with a platinum wedding ring. Many prefer to have the rings engraved with the name initials, a special message, the name of the spouse, or the date of the wedding.

Wedding/ Engagement Rings

The bridal and bride jewelry, customary for an Asian wedding is a gold or diamond ring. Wedding rings are often large on the brideís hand, stone studded and match the wedding lehenga and saree. In Christian weddings, exchange of rings forms an important part of the ceremony, too. Modern engagement rings have gold base with diamonds fitted or even gemstones such as ruby. Marital rings symbolize commitment and love and both the spouses are supposed to wear it throughout their life.

Anniversary or Valentineís Day Rings

Rekindle the love and make your man or woman feel special in your life once again. Diamond, gold and platinum finger rings make excellent and priceless gifts on anniversary and Valentineís Day gift.

Thumb Rings

It is an ancient custom most popular among people practicing archery. They wore decorative fat rings to support the bow. Even today, mostly men prefer such multicolored, stone-studded thumb rings.

Toe Rings

Small rings peculiarly meant a sign for wedding and marriage in India. Though traditionally worn by married women, today silver and metal toe rings are lovely fashion jewelry even worn by teenagers and accessory lovers.

Belly Rings

A modern-day fashion accessory, a belly ring fits the piercing on the belly. Popular in the hip-hop western culture, belly ring also suits with lehengas and sarees. Silver and copper are used to make most belly rings.

Titanium Rings

Rings made from titanium are often plain but may also have gemstones fitted on the top. Titanium rings feature classic style with shiny texture and finish. In Japan, the Mokum-gane variety of these rings is famous.

Handcrafted Rings

Made from shells, wood and cane, handcrafted rings complete your style statement. You can wear them with casual wear and ethnic collections. They are easily available in all shapes and designs.

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