Pearl Jewelry

Pearl jewelry is one of the oldest forms of jewelry in various human civilizations. If you take a walk down memory lane, you can see numerous paintings and portraits of kings, queens, royals and other aristocrats wearing beautiful pearl jewelry. Pearl and diamond tiaras have always been preferred by royals. Pearls are extracted from shelled molluscs living in water bodies. These naturally formed pearls are traditionally believed to be one of the greatest miracles of God. The mysterious natural creation of pearls is a reflection of the purity and elegance of nature.

Pearl jewelry is available in various patterns and designs. A single strand of pearls round your neck looks as elegant as a pearl choker. You can have pearls in contemporary styles as well as traditional intricate patterns. Bracelets of pearls are very popular all over the world. Earrings are available in so many designs that you are sure to be left spoilt for choice. The most beautiful thing about pearl jewelry is its lustre. Pearl jewelry give off a shine which enhances your appearance and brings a nice glow on your persona as well. It is owing to the pearly lustre of these jewels that they are so much in demand all over the world. The other reason why pearl jewelry is popular is because pearls set with all precious metals. They can be embedded in gold, silver, platinum or palladium and the beauty of pearls remains intact for years.

Taking Care of Pearl Jewelry

Pearl trinkets require a lot of attention because even a little carelessness can take away the lustre of your pearls. Ensure that your pearl charms do not come into contact with acidic substances. Proper and timely cleaning is mandatory. You can clean the pearls by wiping it softly with a cotton cloth. Pearl ornaments can be cleaned in warm water as well. You can also add a mild shampoo to it but take extra care while you handle the pearl jewelry.

Where Pearl Jewelry is Available?

In India, pearls are abundantly found in Hyderabad. The Nizams of Hyderabad are responsible in bringing pearls to India. They had a fetish for pearls and other precious stones and brought craftsmen from Gulf area to create stunning pearl jewelry pieces. Hyderabad houses a huge number of pearl jewelry shops and you will definitely get lured by the variety of designs. You can get expensive natural pearls as well as the more cost effective ecultured ones.

Fashionable you and Pearl

Pearl jewelry is a very versatile jewelry article as it can easily be teamed up with all types of dresses. A pearl necklace looks stunning with a western outfit and it also adds grace to traditional attire. A single strand of exquisite pearls adds style to your formal look. Intricately crafted pearl jewelry will make you look gorgeous on your special occasion.

Buying pearl jewelry can be quite confusing. Buy it from authentic pearl shops and never purchase imitation pearls as they are completely artificial and lack the shine of an original pearl. The value of a pearl is determined from its shape and size. A perfectly round shaped pearl will be more expensive than an irregular shaped pearl. Size of a pearl also matters a lot. Larger pearls will cost you more. The texture of a pearl is another factor which influences the cost. Pearls with a smooth and shiny surface are costlier. Apart from this, the overall design of pearl jewelry also plays an important role. Each Pearl ornament is individually priced according to the type, size, shape and texture. The price may start from few thousands and can go up to few lakhs.

A pearl set should be a part of every woman’s jewelry collection because it adds style and elegance to every kind of look.

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