Necklaces when worn not only accentuate our neck but also complement our personality. If teamed up with the right accessories and dress, a necklace can spell magic for a woman- the way she looks and the kind of impression it leaves on others. Necklaces are an important component of our style statement. Thus it is imperative that they should go well with the age of the wearer and the occasion. Several other factors like skin tone, body type and personality should be kept in mind while choosing this precious ornament.

If you are keen on dressing up well for the occasion, and accessorizing your look, finding the right necklace is hardly difficult. There is a range of necklaces from which you can choose; just to add that dash of glamour to your party ensemble.

History of Necklaces

The birth of necklaces dates back to the Stone Age when only natural materials were used to make these ornaments. Natural elements ranging from animal sinews, carved wood pieces, colorful seeds and naturally occurring gems, everything served as neck adornments back then.

Types of Necklaces

Diamond Necklaces

As they say – “Diamonds are a woman’s best friend”. So how can this prized ornament go without having diamonds? If diamonds are a sign of love in West, it is considered to be a prized possession in India as well. However, diamond necklaces can be worn by both men and women. While women can opt for highly wrought ornaments, men mostly go for more restrained designs when it comes to diamond necklaces. A prospective consumer can choose from various types of diamond necklaces- the diamond- the yard necklace, “V” necklace, and “Y” necklace.

The two basic types of diamond necklaces are “pendants” and “true necklaces”. Diamond pendants are hanging piece of ornaments, attached to a chain by a loop. The setting of the pendants can be defined by just a solitaire or a few stones. True necklaces are more expensive of the two as their making requires more stones than that of pendants. These stones cover almost the entire necklace. These necklaces are available in forms of collars and chokers and are often sported by movie stars.

Pearl Necklaces

Pearl necklaces are designed for a variety of occasions. Pearls come in several colors such as white, rose, cream, gray and silver. The various types of pearl necklaces are collar, princess, matinee, opera, chocker and rope. Pearls are elegant jewels and it is necessary to choose them wisely. A woman’s choice of pearls is usually governed by a number of factors such as her lifestyle, personality, skin tone, and age, and the color, texture, luster and shape of pearls.

  • The collar pearl necklace is usually ten to thirteen inches in length, worn high and tight around the neck and goes well in both formal and informal occasions.

  • Princess pearls are usually 17-20 inches in length, settling comfortably below the collar bone. These pearls are particularly suited for low cut dresses. As the name itself suggests these pearls are extremely fashionable and trendy at the same time and are perfect to highlight your late-evening-party look.

  • Choker pearls are generally 16-18 inches long and are suited well for formal occasions.

  • Opera pearl necklaces are 28-34 inches in length. They are suited for parties and formal occasions.

  • Matinee pearls are 20-24 inches in length and are designed for business attire.

  • Rope Pearls are usually 45 inches long and are well suited for formal occasions as they go well with pant suits.

  • Pink pearl necklaces suit fair skin well. Golden and yellow pearls are more appropriate for the dark-skinned.

Indians across the globe will vouch for pearls found in Hyderabad. The rich cultural history of the city which is a combination of supreme art and craft has contributed to the growth of refined pearls there.

Other kinds of Necklaces

Other kinds of necklaces include butterfly necklaces, cross necklaces, heart necklaces, chunky necklaces, charm necklaces, long necklaces and statement necklaces. These have taken today’s street fashion by storm, and have been endorsed by youth.

Those who would like to pamper themselves with strands are spoilt for choices as these are available in pearls, beading, and other precious stones.

Some Tips on Choice of Necklaces

Necklaces symbolize grace, elegance and charm. Older women can any day go for longer necklaces preferably with 18-24 inches length as they drive away the attention from the apparent flaws of old age. Longer strand works wonderfully well for the hair and face. The beauty of the youthful skin is further highlighted by close and tight fitted necklaces and smaller pendants.

Women with long necks can try triple strand of pearls or rounder necklaces. V shaped necklaces should be avoided.

Segmented necklaces and angular pendants on round, fleshy necks can unfailingly attract that tinge of envy which every woman desires. Medium to large necklaces are appropriate for bony necks.

Necklace (107)

A sea-green colored semi-precious stone necklace with wooden beads at regular intervals renders the power within.

Necklace (106)

The rope of turquoise beads with spray effect is aptly suited for beach wear.

Necklace (105)

This necklace with lustrous metallic glass beads of different types is a class in itself.

Necklace (104)

The exclusive wood pendant makes this wooden beaded necklace extremely unique in sophistication and attitude.

Necklace (103)

The vibrant contrast of red and black beads in this necklace with a stone carved pendant at the center indeed makes it eye-catching.

Necklace (102)

A metal necklace with metal & blue glass beads and an abstract shaped metal pendant mirrors the innocent love of a lover.

Necklace (101)

This multi-colored beads and bone necklace lends your whole identity a metropolitan charm.

Fashion Necklaces9

A necklace beautifully decked with moss and olive green glass beads complements your Western and ethnic outfits gracefully.

Fashion Necklaces17

This rope of deep pink colored pearls accentuates your trendy outfit to lend you a sensuous look.

Fashion Necklaces16

A golden beaded necklace with a royal pendant imparts a majestic charm to your appearance.

Fashion Necklaces15

A royal necklace in golden tint with beaded chain and a heavy round pendant.

Fashion Necklaces14

A golden necklace embellished with ruby red glass beads with a regal pendant mirrors the royal glory.

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