Gold Jewelry

Gold Jewelry

From time immemorial gold has been considered a precious ornament. Owning even a tiny piece of gold is considered to be lucky in Indian homes. Not only is gold a status symbol but, it is also considered to be a prized possession here owing to the emotional value attached to it.

Reasons behind Popularity of Gold Jewelry

A glimpse into the history of mankind shows that gold has been held in high esteem since 3600 B.C. The popularity behind gold jewelry can be attributed to the fact that it can be used effectively on other metals as a coating, making them look more attractive. The high value attached to the metal coupled with the fact that its prices are soaring with each passing day, the worth of gold as a future asset is unquestionable. The advantages of gold are many. Golden jewelry can be exchanged for quick cash in any part of the world. The fact that gold has similar value across the globe makes it easy to buy and sell it whenever and wherever needed.

The popularity of gold jewelry in India is a known fact. Indian weddings and gold jewelry are synonymous. The look of a perfect Indian bride is incomplete without the touch of gold. Even a guest at the wedding can hardly imagine gracing the occasion without being decked up in gold. Hindus even consider it auspicious to buy a piece of gold- be it jewelry, utensils or coins on the famous Dhanteras festival.

History of Gold Jewelry

The Egyptians are believed to be one of the earliest races to have used gold. The rock carvings are testament to the fact that Egyptians were deft excavators of gold. The art of purifying and making gold ornaments was mastered by them. Religious inscriptions and books also mention gold. Genesis, Exodus XXV, writings of Homer and Sophocles all have referred to gold. During earlier times gold was used as fashion ornaments, while in the Middle Ages, even craftsmen acquired the expertise of goldsmiths to make ornaments of highest order. In earlier days, before the invention of money, the status of a family was solely determined by the amount of gold they possessed. The tradition of gifting gold to near and dear ones was quite common.

Types of Gold Jewelry

Both yellow and white gold are available in 14k gold. Gold jewelry is also tinged with green and red shades. The green gold almost looks like 14 karat yellow gold with a green cast. Red gold has the looks of a polished copper. White gold bears shades of yellow and silver. Palladium white gold has a grayish silver touch to it. White gold is a high quality product meant to accentuate your subtle look.

24k gold alloyed with metals like copper are used in jewelry. Copper is the most common base metal used, yielding a reddish color. 18k gold which contains 25% copper is mostly found in Russian jewelry.

Flaunting gold jewelry at parties, cock tails, social dos and weddings unassailably accentuates your look. It is important to work on your gold collection and update them according to your moods and whims and also according to your needs. It's no uphill task at all as the range of gold earrings, necklaces, bangles is quite impressive, allowing you to experiment with different looks.

How to Choose your Gold Jewelry

The most important factor which should guide a prospective gold buyer is the caratage. The buyer is informed about the percentage of gold in jewelry through the caratage. The durability of a gold jewelry is determined by the presence of other metals like copper and silver, as gold itself is bendable. The choice of golden ornaments should always reflect your tastes and mood.

Gold Jewelry as Future Asset

The jewelry saving scheme is popular in India nowadays. Here you can invest a fixed part of your earning every month in a particular jewelry shop which has already initiated this scheme. At the end of the tenor chosen by you with some added benefits; you will be able to buy a piece of gold jewelry with the money you have deposited for months. The added benefits may vary. Sometimes the jeweler adds a month’s installment to the total money, while at times he may also pay double the installment. A customer is liable to get 8.33-16.67% benefit through these schemes. Top gold jewelry brands in India have adopted this scheme. These schemes can work well for those who are planning to get married soon. However, these are not advisable for those who are planning to make long term investments, since the fluctuating prices of gold can affect your returns.

Presently gold jewelry is a good option for investment. Current global reports have revealed that demand for gold is experiencing a rise of 19% each year and is expected to go up further.

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