Gold Colored Metal and Stone Necklace with Earrings

Gold Colored Metal and Stone Necklace with Earrings

This earring and necklace set is a fantastic combination of the traditional and junk jewelry look. The thick golden strand of the necklace has five flowers on it- four placed side by side and the fifth placed at the bottom of the large flower. The plethora of stones has given the whole ornament a very colorful look.

The red and green stones are surrounded by other precious stones. The small flowers are accompanied by three groups of small red and green stones. The large flower has two groups of the red and green gems- three each in a single group. Donít miss the large red gem hanging at the end of the fifth flower!

The pair of chandelier earrings with two flowers arranged vertically perfectly compliments the semi-heavy look of the neckpiece. The design of the red and green stone studded flowers on the earrings is similar to that of the fifth flower on the necklace. In spite of its heavy make, this piece of jewelry has got a pristine look to it.

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