Earrings are a very good way to boost your style statement. No doubt girls’ fascination for this piece of jewelry is boundless. Chandelier earrings, studs, cuffs have found their way into the fashion accessories of many, as no look is complete without them. If chosen meticulously that perfect earring can just add the right zing to even a de glam look.

Just as the choice of your make up, hair style, footwear, dress, bag and other accessories need your attention, the selection of your earrings calls for your discretion as well. The most important factor which should guide an earring purchaser is the shape of the face. Other factors like make up, dress, height and other ornaments also determine the choice of earrings.

Types of Earrings

Earrings are a very basic component of our fashion. Even someone who is not a hardcore fashionista can be really fussy when it comes to buying earrings. For others, earrings are a wonderful way to redefine their style statement. Thus various types of earrings are available, keeping in view varying needs and choices of buyers.

Dangle Earrings

Dangle earrings flow from your ears jazzing up your look. They are much in fashion now. They are available in various sizes starting from half centimeter to even shoulder level. Various types of dangles are available in the market and diamonds, pearls, peridot, beads, chandeliers, amethyst, citrine are some of them. Precious gem stones are also used in dangles.

French hooks rule the roost in modern fashion. They are worn without any pins at the back. The incredible popularity of dangles among young girls has pushed its sales in India. They are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes and make for great gifts as well. Triangle dangles are suitable for heart shaped faces as they finely draw attention to the chin, which is a must for these kinds of faces. Rectangular dangles are suitable for round faces.

Dangles are designed for almost all kinds of occasions. Diamond dangles and golden earrings are worn at weddings. Chunks can be worn even at college, friendly get-togethers, and informal parties.


Studs are the best way to enhance your look subtly. That little sparkle can really add to the youthful and vibrant look. Small ear studs can settle very comfortably on both ear lobe and cartilage piercings rendering an immensely chic and classy feel to your whole look. Sporting single studs on cartilages are quite fashionable among both men and women.

There are several types of ear piercing studs like Classic Stud earrings, Barbells for ears and labrets for ears. Classic ear studs are the most common types of studs. Their size varies from 0.8 mm to 1.2 mm. Different shapes of these studs are square CZ ear studs, toadstole era studs, heart shaped ear studs and round pink crystals. They are available at reasonable prices but you should be careful about the material as some of those found in high street can be really irritable to your skin.

The length of barbells usually varies from 6 to 8 mm. These studs are very hygienic as they are made of bio compatible body piercing materials. You can customize these studs with threaded accessories and get a different look. Steel cone micro barabell, gold barabells and jeweled barbells are some of the popular forms of studs.

Labret ear studs are basically meant for lip piercing. However they make for very beautiful ear studs. These are really easy on your skin. Surgical steel and bio flex studs are good for both ear lobes and cartilage.

Like dangles, studs are also meant for a variety of occasions. Diamond studs are suitable for both formal and informal occasions, while pearls are more appropriate for weddings. Silver studs will never run out of fashion and a perfect answer to any concern related to pocket pinch. You should be careful while choosing the material for studs. Don’t choose any metal to which you are allergic.

Ideally studs should be medium sized. A small sized stud can often go unnoticed while a large one can draw too much attention. However oversized studs can add the fun element to your look, though they are not really preferred at work places with a strict dress code.

Hoop Earrings

There are several kinds of hoops. Hoops are mostly worn on lower ear lobes. Its a circular wire weighing approximately 18-20 gr. There are several types of hoops based on their shapes and sizes - hinged hoops, wire loops, captured bead earrings and fixed bead ring. These are the oldest styles of ornaments. A round wire can also act as hoop earring. Different kinds of hoops are hinged hoops, fixed bead rings, wire loops, and captured earrings. White gold black diamond hoops teamed with a little black dress are ideal for dance and fancy dinners. Silver hoops are a fit for young professionals. Men may go for smaller size, while women can experiment with larger ones with thick circumference. The beauty of this kind of earrings is that it can be sported at every occasion.

Cuff Earrings

Cuffs are the easiest way to render an exotic look as it does not even require a piercing. These are circular in shape and can be worn in pierced and non pierced ears. Cuffs for non pierced ears are a great way to jazz up your look. These are mostly sported in the cartilage with only an ear lobe piercing. These are made of subtly flexible metal so that they can be adjusted to match the look you want. Pierced ear cuffs are suitable for pinna, helix or auricle piercing. However the most exotic of them all are the slave or “bajoran” ear cuffs.

Chandelier Earrings

Chandeliers are considered to be very glamorous and meant particularly for formal occasions like weddings and other festive occasions. However, there are some which come without much adornment and can be teamed with jeans and tees. Celebrities usually prefer these adornments as a mark of their status. These are available in diamonds, gold and pearls. The price of diamond chandeliers ranges from exorbitant to reasonable.

The tiniest part of your fashion statement can make a big difference to your look. In fact earrings are the best way to personalize your style statement. Be it street fashion, social dos, party ensemble or night outs- earrings are indispensable to up your glam quotient.

Fashion Earrings25

Long golden tone metal hangings beautifully decked with green and turquoise beads to mirror the unruffled flow of a spring.

Fashion Earrings24

Golden finish metal hangings with carved pattern and glass beads lend a tinge of funk to ethnicity.

Fashion Earrings23

A hanging chain earring with green glass beads attaches to give it a trendy charm.

Fashion Earrings22

Long golden tone metal earrings with red beads impart a decked up look for every occasion.

Fashion Earrings21

Long golden metal hangings adorned with flower shaped patterns and glass beads to reflect the spring time.

Fashion Earrings20

A long antique silver finish metal earring, with black beads lends your identity a mystique charm.

Fashion Earrings19

Trendy fashion ear-rings in green shade to give you a designer look as you sport it with your trendy outfit.

Fashion Earrings18

Plum colored earring with resin hangings adds to this piece a tinge of funk o keep up with the contemporary look.

Fashion Earrings17

A silver finish ear-ring with coin shaped plates to add a spell of bewitching charm to the face.

Fashion Earrings16

Plum colored beads woven into a metal hanging to give you a simple yet trendy look.

Fashion Earrings15

Red beads delicately woven into a metal wire makes this fashion earring unparalleled in grace.

Fashion Earrings14

Blue tinted glass and wired beads is a perfect accessory which will provide you with the ultimate comfort.

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