Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are said to be forever. Diamonds and jewelry are considered to be a woman's best friend and have been a great fashion accessory since decades.Even though diamonds are expensive, they are an ideal way to transform your mood and give even ordinary attire that much needed glam-quotient. Diamond jewelry is associated with class and is usually purchased by high-fliers and jet-setters. They are precious, eternal and naturally timeless pieces of fashion jewelry.

Types of Diamond Jewelry

Diamond earrings go beyond the fashion statement. They ooze elegance, whether you attend a dinner party or a ball. You could opt for the beautiful pear shaped earrings or round shaped triple gold bezel earrings which look stunning on long faces. The diamond hoop earrings in yellow gold, white gold, silver, titanium or platinum are equally popular as it has become a celebrity's style quotient.

The diamond bangle bracelet is fast catching up as a great fashion accessory. You could have a bracelet either all over the bangle or just at the centre. The dazzling tiny colored diamonds give it a more dramatic effect. Then there are bracelets that have the combination of emeralds and diamonds in a chain form in two-tone metal and add the stones in heart shapes, oval shapes, squares, etc.

Diamond necklaces are one of the most attractive pieces of jewelry. The full diamond necklace is usually worn with lovely gowns and wedding dresses. The choker diamond necklace goes with any type of outfit and enhances your neck with colored diamonds in dazzling cuts. The diamond pendants are yet another gorgeous accessory which look cute and go well on teenagers too. Diamond rings too are of great variety and designs.

Black diamonds and diamonds fused with platinum and precious colored stones look excellent. One can even get custom made diamond jewelry that will give you just exactly what you want. The craftsmen who make the jewelry use such materials as ceramic beads, bamboo, coral, mother of pearl, and several other gems. Some designs have writing on them using quotes from the bible, family crests, etc. Diamond body jewelry, too is a very trendy fashion accessory today. Diamond barbells, diamond navel jewelry etc are worn by many fashion conscious people.

You could even buy wholesale diamonds from manufacturers on line or in stores in discounted rates and chances are that you will get some of the rarest and best diamonds.

Diamonds and Jewelry form an inseparable part of women's fashion. They are not just unique but also make exclusive. Gift your special someone a diamond and have fond memories of the time you spent with your loved ones. They have emerged as style statements for the young and the old.

In modern times, even men prefer nose rings, ear studs and piercing rings for self decoration. It is part of their style statement and often their personality. For women, jewelry is not only their wardrobe asset but something that makes them look beautiful and attractive when combined with the right kind of apparels.

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