Coconut Wood

Coconut Wood Jewelry

Coconut wooden jewelry is an amazing fashion accessory that has taken the market by storm. It is very popular not only for its varied beautiful designs but also because of the utility factor of left over coconut shells. Kids, teens, men, ladies all have some coconut jewelry in fashion.

Types of Coconut Jewelry

Coconut or coco fashion earrings are very popular as they make for great summer trendy fashion. There are great designs in coconut wooden jewelry that make excellent necklaces and other accessories. Ethnic tribal necklaces, native necklaces, surfer necklaces, rasta necklaces and reggae necklaces are some of the jewelry that have been popular amongst the crafty jewelry lovers. The other variety of coconut wood jewelry includes shell necklaces, shell pendants, shell earrings, shell beads, bracelets, wooden necklaces, wood beads, wood earrings, wooden bangles, etc.

The coconut bracelets are equally popular especially for a casual party or a beach holiday. There are several handmade native jewelry that are made of coco beads, coco heishe beads, coco pokalet beads, etc that have sizes starting from 2 to 7 mm beads. The bracelets are also available in twisted single row or multi rows with different colors to choose from. Absolutely great for women, teenage girls and men too. They can be worn at any time during any tropical season, summer or spring.

Coconut wooden jewelry also consists of coconut earrings like dangling coco earrings and unique ethnic and contemporary designs. These are combined with natural materials such as shell wood beads bone and horn that make it unique and elegant. You could make your own coconut wooden jewelry with coconut beads in various shapes and sizes such as oval, coco pokalet, coco heishe, black, brown and natural bleached tiger colors and textures.

The colors in coconut wood jewelry make use of different textures which render color to the piece of jewelry and make it more exotic. The seeds too are collected in such a way that the environment is not affected adversely. Coconut wooden jewelry is in fashion and with newer designs coming in; one can buy a variety of accessories with good designs. Several on line stores as well as real-time jewelry stores sell a diverse range of coconut jewelry. Wholesale stores too sell coconut wooden jewelry in bulk.





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