Fashion Bracelet71

This wooden tyre-shaped fashion bracelet in assorted shades of brown highlights an ethnic charm.

Fashion Bracelet2

This wooden bracelet in shades of brown and red painted on cylindrical shaped beads makes this piece fascinating.

Fashion Bracelet12

This bracelet emphasizes sophistication and attitude with its hand-painted wooden plates woven into the piece along with the wood beads.

Fashion Bracelet4

The grey color curved cylindrical shaped horn bracelet reflects the wilderness of the midnight.

Fashion Bracelet5

This rust color flat shell beads bracelet is both ethnic in charm and attitude.

Fashion Bracelet6

The stark contrast of orange and blue shades in this bracelet displays the vivacity in your persona.

Fashion Bracelet7

The nice blend of glow and shade in this bracelet makes this piece indeed captivating in charm.

Fashion Bracelet8

The mix of yellow and white shades in this shell bracelet is indeed unique in creating a sunrise effect.

Fashion Bracelet9

The glass beads necklace in a light shade in sprinkled color effect displays the transparency of your heart.

Fashion Bracelet10

The nice patterned and shaded wooden beads woven into a wire forms up as the creative composition of this bracelet.

Fashion Bracelet11

The wooden beads bracelet with wood plates with hand painted heart designs portrays the innocent love of the lover.

Fashion Bracelets1

This ivory colored shell bracelet woven into thread ties reveals the innocence of your heart when you adorn this piece.

Fashion Bracelet13

This wooden beads bracelet with a religious sign renders in your look a spiritual tint.

Fashion Bracelet14

A wooden beads bracelet with wooden plates portraying hand-painted spiral patterns lends you a mystic touch.

Fashion Bracelet15

This coin shaped glass beads bracelet in colors of sprinkled effect displays the artistic flair of the designer.

Fashion Bracelet16

A glass beads necklace in golden and green stripes describes natural beauty with a tinge of ethnicity.

Fashion Bracelet17

This multi-colored glass beads bracelet lends you a multi-dimensional look with wide symphony of colors.

Fashion Bracelet18

A glass beads bracelet in shade of aqua-blue provides you with the ultimate option to create a wet look in you.

Fashion Bracelet19

This royal green stone bracelet enchants both the wearer and the viewer by that radiant glow.

Fashion Bracelet20

This silver glass beads bracelet with painted black stripes lends you the wild look of the impenetrable woodland.

Fashion Bracelet21

This glass beads necklace in hues of metallic brown and white lets out the transparency both of your mind and heart.

Fashion Bracelet22

You won’t find a better contrast of brightness and shade other than this metallic green and golden color glass beads bracelet.

Fashion Bracelet23

This dark cocoa colored ball beads bracelet makes you trendy keeping in view the contemporary trends.

Fashion Bracelet24

This wooden ball beads bracelet in dark shades lends a modish charm to your whole persona.

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