Beaded Jewelry

Beaded Jewelry

Beaded jewelry or ornaments made with the use of beads have become quite popular these days. Various archaeological surveys and excavations show the use of beaded ornaments by people belonging to the earlier civilizations. This is probably the most primitive way of making ornaments. Beads, made out of various materials, are attached to each other with strings, threads or metallic wires to give it a particular shape and design. Beaded jewelry was initially adorned by the kings and queens and this art form was explored further during colonialism.

Making of Beaded Jewelry

This age old art form requires unique craftsmanship and finesse. The beads are first given a desired shape through cutting and chiselling. Intricate hand work and carvings are also done to enhance the beauty of the beads. Finally the beads are pierced and strung together according to a pattern and are used to make necklaces, amulets, bangles, earrings and many more such ornaments.

Kinds of Beads Used

Various types of beads are used to make beaded jewelry. Beads made out of precious metals like gold or silver look quite elegant and add richness to the ornaments. Beads made out of certain base metals like brass, nickel, copper and zinc give an antique touch to the ornaments. These beads can also be plated with gold or silver. Bone beads were usually used by ancient tribes and are still used to give an ethnic touch. Glass beads are widely used in beaded jewelry as glass is readily available and beads of various designs and colours can be obtained out of it. These colourful beads add glamour to the ornaments.

Beads crafted from wood, shells and plastics are also used in jewelry making and are comparatively cheaper. Beads made from semi-precious stones are highly appreciated. These semi-precious stones are used to give the ornaments a sophisticated and classy touch. These stones of innumerable colours can be crafted accordingly. Some of the semi-precious stones like opal, coral, pearl, aquamarine, quartz, topaz and garnet are used in beaded jewelry.

Beads are commonly thought of as round shaped objects but nowadays beads of various shapes are available. Shape of the beads depends on the type of jewelry that has to be made. Barrel shaped or cube shaped beads can be used to make very unique looking jewellery. Beads with geometrical shapes like cone or cylinder also very elegant. Pear shaped beads, pyramid shaped beads, disc shaped beads, and oval shaped beads can easily be threaded to create stunning ornaments.

Where Beaded Jewelry is Available?

India is famous for beaded jewelry and has attained international acclaim. Banaras is the largest producer of glass beads which are made out of fused glass rods. A large number of glass beads are exported to various countries. Black glass beads of Purdilpur are also quite famous. Glass and wooden beads of Mathura and delicate glass beads of Ferozabad are equally beautiful. Karnal is known for the hollow silver beads and the state of Mizoram produces attractive amber beads. Hyderabad is well known for an elaborate range of exquisite pearls. Jaipur offers a wide range of beads made of semi-precious stones.

Points to Consider When Purchasing Beaded Jewelry

Beaded jewelry must be purchased keeping three basic points in mind. Firstly, the method used in threading the beads together becomes very important as the technique gives the desired shape to the ornaments. Adequate and appropriate technique makes the jewelry more durable. Secondly, the style or the overall look of the ornament should be taken into consideration. The beaded jewelry should be designed sensibly and beads of different colors, shapes and designs should be matched properly. Thirdly, the jewelery needs to be wearable and comfortable. This will allow you to wear the ornament for long durations at a stretch.

Different kinds of beads give different kinds of looks. While pearls add elegance, wood brings rusticity to the overall appearance. So, decide the kind of look you want and shop for the perfect set.

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