Bangles, that were traditional ornaments worn mostly by women in Asian subcontinents during and after their weddings, are today a fashion craze across the world and not restricted to cultures and religions. In Sikhism, men wear the wrist bangle called Kara. The Kara is a single piece steel bangle.

Among wedding jewelry in India, bangles play an important role. The famous chooda set? is quite popular among Punjabis. In Assam and Bengal, the two piece of red and white bangles made of glass are also part of wedding customs. There are bangles for kids gifted after their birth to be worn until they are toddlers. The revolution in concept of wearing bangles has made it a fashion accessory among teenagers.

Types of Bangles

Wedding Bangles

The Chooda is the specialized wedding bangle worn by the Punjabi women. They are red and white set of 12-14 stone studded bangles. Bengali Hindu women wear the shell bangles of white during their weddings. In Rajasthan, large white bangles are worn right from the arm to covering the whole hand to the wrist.

Fashion Bangles

Bronze, metal, brass and wood are materials used to create exclusive set of fashion accessories. Handmade designs, unique shapes and a variety of colors make these bangles popular. You can wear them with both ethnic and western wear and they are pretty inexpensive ones, too. Beaded bangles are also gaining popularity these days.

Clay or Terracotta Bangles

Like all other terracotta jewelry, terracotta bangles are also popular among jewelry lovers. The hard baked clay is made into different patterns and available in all sizes. The color varies from deep maroon to brick red. Terracotta jewelry is popular in the states of West Bengal and Orissa.

Shell Bangles

For Bengali Hindu women, the shell bangle worn during their wedding is a religious symbol of marital bliss and prosperity. Shell bangles are also sold ?as fashion jewelry in shops around beaches in Goa, Puri and Gujarat. You will find bracelets and bangles of colored shells such as yellow, orange and blue. You can team up shell bangles with beachwear and light summer dresses to endorse a cool look.

Metal Bangles

Available in both single and sets, metal bangles suit ethnic wear the best. You can wear them as complementary accessories to your dress on a wedding function, formal party or even a fashion show. Thin strips of metal bangles in multicolored shades can steal the show.

Glass Bangles

Women in the Indian states of Gujarat and Maharashtra mostly wear glass bangles for all traditional ceremonies in the community. From thin to thick glass, bangles are available in all sizes and mostly dark colors such as red, orange, blue, black and green. Good quality bangles are not easily brittle. Melted glass tubes are bent into varied shapes to make these bangles. Moradabad, Hyderabad and Firozabad are home to large bangle markets.

Pearl Bangles

Small to large pearls are studded on a metallic surface to make a shimmering set of sober bangles. Pearl market is huge in Hyderabad and cheap. White, black and pink pearl bangles go best with ethnic wear. Pearl bracelets are often thicker than bangles. You can wear single piece or a set of 2-4 bangles in every hand.

Meenakari Bangles

Meenakari work has its origin in Persia and today, this work of enameling art on necklace, bangles and earrings has earned popularity among jewelry lovers. Rajasthan typically ?specializes in meenakari bangles with the base color being turquoise blue, maroon and red. These bangles are often expensive because of the highly skilled work. In Mughal era, meenakari work was done only on gold bangles, but today they are done on bronze and metal as well.

Bronze Bangles

The closest substitute for gold, bronze bangles are widely worn by the women in West Bengal. They are unrivaled in design and have no artificial coloring. The matte yellow and the natural bronze color retained.

Bangles (59)

This fashionable tri-colored metal bangle in the hues of pink, golden and blue can be an ideal fashion accessory.

Bangles (163)

This olive green plastic bangle will serve to add to your casual wear an extra boost.

Bangles (177)

This brown color bangle with white polka dots will team up best with your earth colored casual wear.

Bangles (176)

This oxidized gold metal bangle with floral pattern will add more grace to your ethnic wear.

Bangles (175)

This metal bangle in striped and curved pattern adds extra grace to the piece.

Bangles (174)

This creamish yellow plastic bangle with blue abstract pattern makes this bangle more stylish.

Bangles (173)

This single hued deep plum colored bangle has an in depth sophisticated look.

Bangles (172)

This dark brown wooden bangle with light brown criss-cross pattern at regular intervals is a unique piece.

Bangles (171)

This earth colored wooden bangle designed in a thatched pattern gives it a remote look.

Bangles (170)

This deep brownish black wooden bangle with gold polka dots makes this one a fascinating piece.

Bangles (169)

This wooden bangle painted in blue with maroon stems and white blossom makes this piece truly splendid.

Bangles (168)

This metal bangle with turquoise paper-bits pattern adds a trendy look to this piece.

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