Wooden Decoratives

“Elegance and beauty of wooden work can't be replaced by anything.”

If you are planning to decorate your house with some stylish and intricate wooden items, then don’t think twice. Go to your nearest grocery and purchase from a wide-variety of wooden decorative and wooden accessories. They are durable yet gentle and add style and class to your home furnishing.

Wooden Accessories

Wooden accessories give refined and elegant interior to your house. The characteristics of the wooden decoration include lightweight, elegant and fine finish. Better than the steel and the plastic counterparts, wooden kitchen accessories are good for healthier.

Wooden Furniture

Wooden decoration with wooden furniture is the tradition for years now. People place sofa sets, dining table set and other chairs and tables to compliment their room furnishings and other decoration. Wooden furniture is much sought after due to its durability and sturdiness. Moreover, the color and texture of wood matches well with any other room color.

Wooden Lamps

Different ceiling and floor lamps are an excellent way to embellish the special corner of the dining or hall room. Pendant lamps are also common these days. Any lamp with Arabic design on lampshades or hand painted wooden stand would do the needful of decorating the room. There is an array of wooden decoration materials that are available in the market. You just need to make your choice and opt for it. So, what are you waiting for, select your wooden decoration product and give an instant makeover to your office or home.

Exotic walnut wood has a unique characteristic. The root of this tree is the most expensive whereas the branches are cheaper. Decorative items crafted from walnut branch are lighter in shade in comparison the dark shades imparted by the roots. Walnut wood grains are susceptible to damage and decay. To protect the sheen and gloss of the wooden craft the decorative pieces are coated with wax-polish. The wood finish lends to it durability and shine. Walnut wood crafting is getting gradually modernized. Tradition is being blended with contemporary designs and motifs. Unparalleled elegance and classicism is the other name for walnut decoratives.

Wooden Clocks

A finest decorative piece that is sure to become a valuable treasure of the family. Wooden ‘gear' clocks, mantel clocks, or stately grandfather clocks or cuckoo clocks are definite to give artistic ambience.

Wooden Curtains

Beaded wooden curtain is yet another example of wooden decoration. Besides serving as a barrier between rooms, wooden beaded curtains also make for an excellent centerpiece. It is also said to be ‘conversation starters'.

Wooden Bowls

Available in traditional and contemporary style; beautifully handcrafted wooden bowls with flawless design can be used to serve and store snacks. One can even present wooden bowls as an attractive gift item.

Wooden Trays

Different types of wooden trays like butler tray and cafeteria tray are available in different designs. Wooden trays enhance the dining presentation and complements well with your kitchenware.

Various types of wood can be used for wooden accessories like:

  • Ash
  • Birch
  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Spruce
  • Pine
  • Walnut
  • Sheesham

Wood furnishing gives durability to the wood, smoothen the surface and put protective coating. Here are some popular wood furnishing methods-

  • Varnish– It adds protective coating and gives glossy finish to the surface.
  • Lacquer- It’s easy to maintain, flexible and gives darker finishes.
  • Shellac- This natural resin has a natural base and gives a dark finish.
  • High- gloss- It gives the shiniest sheen to the wooden accessories.
  • Semi-gloss- It gives a little less shiny sheen.

Wooden Antique Elephant22

Wooden Antique Elephant

The refined test of the artist can be seen in this wooden figurine of an elephant with wholesome touches of golden tints.

Wooden Jewellery Gem Box1

Jewelry Gem Box

The simple jewelry box has been given the hallmark of creativity by the delicate carvings on wood allover.

Wooden Camel91

Wooden Camel

An exclusive wooden camel statuette reflects their domesticated history.

Wooden Black Cart1

Black Cart

A traditional black wooden cart with golden antique golden borders allover is indeed fascinating.

Wooden toy24

Wooden Toy

A wooden tortoise with net like carvings on the back mirrors their reclusive and shy nature.

Wooden Hunter Stand1

Hunter Stand

A wonderful hunter with tiny figurines of different animals carved on it makes it a priced possession.

Wooden Girl10

Wooden Girl

The delicately carved wooden figurine of a girl displays the feminine grace and beauty with which a girl is born.

Wooden Girl9

Wooden Girl

The unequalled womanly elegance id mirrored in this wooden statuette of a girl.

Wooden Girl8

Wooden Girl

This wooden girl figurine in a dancing posture reflects unparalleled charm of a woman.

Wooden Girl7

Wooden Girl

A beautifully engraved wooden girl effigy standing on a carved lotus reflects the sincere effort of the creator.

Wooden Carved Lamp11

Wooden Carved Lamp

The intricate carving on the wooden lamp displays the light of artistic creation.

Wooden Love Birds1

Wooden Love Birds

A pair of wooden love birds highlights the intensity of love in the animal kingdom.


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