Wood Lacquer Products

Wood Lacquer Products

Wood Lacquer Product is basically a clear or colored coating that produces a hard, durable finish. The most important quality of a wood lacquer is that it can protect wood from damage.

What is Wood Lacquer

Wood Lacquer is a black pitchy essence received from certain trees. Wood Lacquer is used as a natural varnish for the wooden furniture. This clear or colored coating which produces a hard, durable finish can be further polished as required. The term finish is often used loosely to refer to any chemical that is applied to wood but actually this term refers to a clear protective coating that sits on the surface of the wood.

Types of Wood Lacquer

There are five common types of finishes on the market. They are:

  • Oil
  • Varnish and Polyurethane
  • Shellac
  • Lacquer and
  • Water-based Finishes

Various Wood Lacquer Products

In the market you can find different kind of wood lacquer product. All are discussed as follows:

  • Antique furniture refinisher This wood lacquer product removes oil finishes like shellac, lacquer, and some early forms of varnish.
  • Tung oil finish wood lacquer This is an oil based finish which provides larger protection for common wood.
  • Antique oil finish This is an oil based wood protective finish that gives wood a soft, hand rubbed shine.
  • Paste finishing wax This wood lacquer product protects and adds shine to any stained or finished wood surface.

Wood Lacquer- Its Basic Advantages

Wood lacquer product is used most often in furniture factories for its fast drying dimensions. This decreases dust related finish problems. Applying lacquer doesn't require many tools. In fact there are only three main tools used to apply wood lacquer finishes, such as; rags, brushes, and a spray gun . Many professionals prefer to use a spray gun for smooth even coats. Here we can mention few names of the products where wood lacquer can be applied. They are Wooden Tray, Wooden Jewelry, Wooden Furniture, Wooden Show piece, Wooden Room Partition, Wooden Sculpture and Wooden Jewelry Box.

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