Wood Carved

Wood Carved Decorations

With wood, when it’s carved, you can get marvelous works of art in the forms of furniture and decorative accessories.

Wood, with all its benefits is there with man from time immemorial. In the pre-historic times it has given protection to man as clothes. It provided him with fire for cooking. Wood crafted as rudimentary vehicles helped in transportation. In construction of house wood was the preferred choice. Simple construction has given place to more sophisticated and modern techniques. In wood you can find the perfect blend of utility with creativity.

Wood Handicrafts and Decoratives

Wood crafting in the exotic land of India has a rich cultural heritage. The tradition can be dated to pre-historic days of Indus Valley Civilization (3000 B.C. to 1700 B.C.). With minimum tools wood is crafted to different shapes and sizes and innovative décor items are created. What it actually needs is skilled craftsmanship and labor. Flourishing throughout the historical centuries wood crafting is something timeless and appealing.

Wood decor item is exclusive for its intricate technique of carving which are accentuated with engravings and metal or ivory inlay work. Wood carving differs from one state to another. Each have a unique characteristic of it own and specializes in the filed of wooden dolls, masks, figurines and furniture. Home décor articles like wooden wall hangings, wooden statues, wooden toys, wooden jewelry boxes, wooden human and animal figurines, wooden religious impressions, wooden jewelry and utensils are some of the examples of wood craft.

Wooden candle and pen holders, picture and mirror frames, coasters and clocks and nameplates belong to the ornate collections of wood decoratives. Garden decorative like a wooden bench or a beautiful fence are highly popular.

Timeless Elegance of Wood Carved Decoratives

Magnetic and charming… these words perhaps encapsulate the timeless and appealing world of wood and various crafts associated with it. What makes wood timeless is its durability. For ages wood retains its texture, color and shine. Wood décor gradually become antique pieces and are collected as curios.

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