White Metal Products

White Metal Products

A decorative item enhances the look of the surroundings where it's placed by effective accompaniments and decoration.

The white metal decorative products are that kind of object which serves an esthetic purpose rather than a utility purpose. A decorative item could be made using plenty of materials, and white metal is one of them.

About White Metal

White Metal basically refers to alloys which are lighter in color. Tin. Lead, zinc, cadmium and antimony are some of the metals which compose a white metal. White metal is used in ornaments, silverware, bearings, miniature figures and plugs.

Varied White Metal Products

Here we will discuss about some popular White Metal decorative products as follows:


White metal ashtrays display an appealing and charming effect to the décor of your home with supreme styles and beautiful designs. These hand crafted white metal product with a perfect finish create an ethnic touch to the center table of your home or your office table. The additions of precious and semi-precious stones magnify the beauty of the complicated carvings. It is available in different shapes, and sizes as per the requirements.

Designer Glasses

White metal designer glasses with its superb beauty hold the true touch of class. Imprinted with artistic design these white metal designer glasses complement any architectural theme. It looks great on any table adding magic to the décor of the room.


White metal coasters are esthetically designed with complex carvings exhibiting modified logo, favorite photos or artwork. It comes in different shapes and designs, such as, elegant square, round or rustic edge. These coasters with their sophisticated look make an attractive and useful idea for home or office table presentation. These are unique in gifts and popular gifts through out the world.

Photo Frames

To keep your sweet memories intact inside a solid frame, white metal photo frame is a perfect match. In the market you can find variety of textures and finishes on these white metal photo frames. These photo frames are just enchanting wherever they are placed. It comes with beautiful and delicate designs, different shapes and sizes for either single or double photo holdings.

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