Walnut Wood

Walnut Wood Decorations

Walnut wood is one of the precious and treasured gifts of God to the natural world. Walnut decoratives are liked for their earthy and wooden beauty.

Right from the days of Indus valley civilization India is reputed for its artistic crafting of wood for decoration and utilitarian purposes. Easily available local woods like teak, sal, sheesham, oak, mango, ebony and mahogany are the Indian craftsmen’s usual choice. Walnut along with rosewood and sandalwood are grouped as expensive choices for the purpose of decoration. Beautiful and exquisite pieces of furniture and decorative items are crafted from walnut which is readily available in India’s paradise, Kashmir. Intricately carved walnut wooden handicrafts are favorite of the local artisans and people.

Artistry of Walnut Decoratives

Walnut wood crafting reveals the artistry of the Indian craftsmen to the optimum level. It is one of the traditional and antique crafting practiced by the craftsmen. Walnut decorative pieces are unique in look and texture. Miscellaneous designs including floral patterns are chiseled on the wood to create marvelous furniture accessories and home décor items.

Walnut wood tables, chairs, shelf clocks, musical instruments (like piano) fruit trays, bowls, cabinets and candle stands are decorated with lovely inlay works. Artistic statues and human figurines, cigar boxes, jewelry boxes, designer lampshades, photo frames and mirror frames are also crafted from this exotic wood.

Exotic and Unique Walnut Decoratives

Exotic walnut has a unique characteristic. The root of this tree is the most expensive whereas the branches are cheaper. Decorative items crafted from walnut branch are lighter in shade in comparison the dark shades imparted by the roots. Walnut wood grains are susceptible to damage and decay. To protect the sheen and gloss of the wooden craft the decorative pieces are coated with wax-polish. The wood finish lends to it durability and shine. Walnut wood crafting is getting gradually modernized. Tradition is being blended with contemporary designs and motifs. Unparalleled elegance and classicism is the other name for Walnut Decoratives.


Tissue Holder

Add a unique handcrafted accent to your dining table with this walnut wood tissue holder carved in the form of an elephant.


Wall Decor

An exclusively crafted walnut wood wall decor has evolved into a rare specimen of unique craftsmanship.


Wall Decor

Crafted out of walnut wood this wall decor is an excellent creation that speaks a tale of creativity.


Wall Decor

The simple walnut wood wall décor with intricate floral carvings in the center is exquisitely beautiful.


Wall Decor

This beautiful and attractive walnut wood wall decor has a widlife theme and is unequalled in charm.


Wall Decor

This intricately crafted walnut wood wall décor with elaborate patterns serves as a unique piece of home decoration.


Wall Decor

This delicately crafted walnut wood wall décor is a treasure hoard of traditional Indian handicraft.



This simple walnut wood vase is unique in its charm and reflects a subtle beauty.



This spectacular hand-crafted walnut wood vase in dark brown shade is unique both in elegance and sophistication.


Tissue Holder

The delicately hand-crafted walnut wood tissue holder in an attractive shape is indeed an eye-catching creation.


Tissue Holder

A simply crafted walnut wood tissue holder depicts with equal magnitude the grace of artistic creation.


Tissue Holder

This deftly crafted walnut wood tissue holder in the shape of a rabbit displays the flexibility of the creator’s mind.


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