Rajasthani Dolls

Rajasthani Dolls

Rajasthani Doll speaks of the colorful heritage and rich traditional culture of Rajasthan.

Unlike the arid climate, men and women are full of life and vigor. The love for their social roots and ancestry make them experts in making Rajasthani Doll.

The Craft of Making Rajasthani Dolls

The art of making folk dolls go back to ancient days in our civilization. The basic knowledge of the art of crafting was handed down by the natives. Generation after generation this is the common practice. Rajasthani doll has a class of its own. Rajasthani dolls are a beautiful combination of wood and cloth. Gorgeous traditional outfits and minute hand-painted body contours make it stand apart. Generally Rajasthani Dolls are female but male dolls are also made. The richness of the art work lies in the brilliance of color and amazing craftsmanship. They were made as décor items and as play thing. Puppet dance is a tradition of Rajasthan. Dolls are crafted for this purpose too.

Themes of Rajasthani Dolls

Made from a soft kind of wood called ‘doodhia’ or unbaked clay Rajasthani dolls are extremely attractive and eye-catching. Rajasthani wear is known for its gloss, sheer brilliance and vibrancy of rich colors. The combination of these two creates a magnificent Rajasthani Doll. Usually these dolls are termed as ‘Roopvati’ meaning beautiful lady.

The beauty of Rajasthani women and their attire is unmatched anywhere. These dolls have different thematic orientation based on the historical past or the daily activities of men and women. Here’s a brief list of the themes:

  • Gods and goddesses
  • Brides and grooms
  • Traditional dance and dancers
  • Rajput heroes like Rana Pratap Singh
  • Miscellaneous themes like snake charmer, lady churning butter, carrying straw on head, pounding rice or lady doing pooja


Wedding Doll

This beautifulset of Rajasthani wedding doll is crafted and painted to resemble the groom and the bride on their special day.


Village Woman

This Rajasthani doll portrays a village woman clad in a green costume and adorned with traditional jewelry.


Village Woman

A Rajasthani doll figurine portrays a traditional village woman in the posture of threshing grain.


Village Woman

This splendidly crafted Rajasthani doll is a tribal woman adorned in traditional attire and churning butter.


Village Woman

The tie-and-dye craft of Rajasthan is the most attractive feature in this Rajasthani village woman doll carrying a bundle of straw on her head.


Village Woman

A village female carrying a bundle of wooden logs on her head is depicted in this Rajasthani village woman doll figurine.


Village Woman

This Rajasthani doll is nicely adorned in a traditional sari and silver jewelry and carrying a bundle of logs on her head.


Village Woman

This Rajasthani bridal doll is nicely crafted with a pot in her hand thus reflecting her feminine elegance.


Village Woman

The intricate deatils of Rajasthani village woman doll dressed in traditional costume with a pot on her head reflects the culture of India.


Village Woman

This intricately crafted Rajasthani doll portrays a village woman in ethnic attire with a pot on her head.


Village Folks

The uniquely crafted set of Rajasthani dolls in the form of village folks displays the flexibility of the creator’s mind.


The Gentleman

The nobility and elegance of a gentleman is reflected in this exclusive Rajasthan gentleman doll statuette.


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