Papier Mache Products

Papier Mache Products

Papier mache in French stands for a special type of paper.

It has the appearance of a chewed up paper. It is a substance that is made out of paper pulp and can be molded and painted for making commercial products. Made from pieces of paper and stuck with glues, adhesives or starch, papier mache becomes hard and solid when dried.

Origin of Papier Mache

Though a French word papier mache originated in China some two hundred years back. It was a commonly practiced technique in the art of doll-making in the 19th century. Before the invention of plastic, papier mache was the material used for making piņatas and several other ornamental objects. Children especially enjoyed the art of making papier mache. The stronger and advanced version of papier mache was patented by Henry Clay of Birmingham England in 1702.

Papier Mache- its Utility and Creativity

Hundreds of years ago papier mache was made from paper pulp or paper pieces after subsequent hardening with layers of lacquer. The basic technique is layering which means to paste layers of paper pieces over a basic shape. When it hardens it can form extremely strong structures. papier mache products can be colored or painted to make it even more appealing and fashionable. Both utilitarian and creative, decorative objects are fashioned from papier mache like:

  • Storage jars, Baskets and Salt Cellars
  • Wall Plaques
  • Desk Sets and Paper Knives
  • Trays and Boxes
  • Album Covers
  • Beads Cases
  • Sculpture

Advantage of Papier Mache

papier mache has an advantage over plastic, resins, fiber glass and latex rubber which are chemically and environmentally harmful. This versatile medium can be made even more durable by varnishing it with acrylics and paints. Being lightweight it offers easy and smooth portability.papier mache is a popular art that gives creative satisfaction to the fullest level. You can turn your fancy and imagination into reality as you craft decorative objects out of this special and unique paper pulp. Creation and designing of papier mache products is absolute fun.


Christmas Bell

Crafted out of papier-mache this bell has exquisitely designed patterns done on it.


Christmas Bell

Exclusively crafted this papier-mache bell is purposed to lead human beings free from evil.


Christmas Bell

Crafted with utmost dexterity this papier-mache bell is a beautiful art work that cannot be called the creation of one artist.


Valentine Heart

This beautifully designed papier-mache valentine heart with patterns in vibrant golden hues reflects the creative flair of the artist.



This papier-mache star reflects the aesthetic sensibility and hereditary skills of the craftsman.



This vibrant shaded papier-mache star in shades of purple and golden yellow has evolved into art both in design and workmanship.



This bright red papier-mache star is uniquely crafted to reflect the highest level of craftsmanship.



This papier-mache Santa Claus delicately crafted mirrors the fun and frolic of the festival of Christmas.


Moving Star

Crafted out of papier-mache this moving star is an excellent creation that speaks a tale of creativity.



A papier-mache heart box uniquely crafted is a fine representation of Indian art and sculpture.



A papier-mache elephant set embellished in golden tinctures will add exclusiveness and refinement to your room.



The brilliantly crafted papier-mache camel is well-designed and refined in its own charm.


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