Gem Stone Coasters

Gem Stone Coasters

Coaster is tableware referring to any sort of covering like mats which are intended to protect the surface of the table.

Gemstones are semi precious and valuable stones like topaz, amethyst that are used to craft jewelry and several other products. Coasters studded with gemstones give a unique feel to your table décor. It speaks of affluence and elegance of style Gem Stone Painting Gem stone painting is an ancient art from Rajasthan. On glass precious and semi-precious stones are put and are carefully decorated. It needs a lot of expertise and exquisite craftsmanship. This form of gemstone painting is absolutely handcrafted. The painted glass is added on to several products like coasters, jewelry box, photo frames, etc. This gives them a beautiful, traditional and rich look.

Making of Gem Stone Coasters

These square shaped gem stone coasters have its border in light natural brown shade of wood with imprinted carving. Set of 6 gemstone coasters come in a rectangle shaped wooden coaster holder. This set of 6 coasters could be used greatly for parties of some special occasions. Decorative gem stone coaster sets can enhance any tabletop, be it a coffee table or an office table. Beautiful shades of yellow & orange in these paintings are real eye-catcher. Gem stone paintings, depicting ethnic themes of 'Banna-Banni' or 'Rag-Ragini' can put the touch of ethnicity to your home decor.

Uniqueness of Gem Stone Coasters

For these colorful gemstones the coaster gets vibrant colors and colors don't fade away even for lifetimes because of all natural gemstones are used. These gem stone coaster come in various sizes and can be made for a specific size on order. All these characteristics make these Gem Stone Coasters unique.

Gem Stone Coaster 10

Gem Stone Coaster 09

Gem Stone Coaster 08

Gem Stone Coaster 07

Gem Stone Coaster 06

Gem Stone Coaster 05

Gem Stone Coaster 04

Gem Stone Coaster 03

Gem Stone Coaster 02

Gem Stone Coaster 01


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