Cushion Covers

Cushion Covers

Cushion Covers in a wide variety of colors and designs are an integral part of today’s home. Cushion covers have become a fashion statement of our modern lifestyle.

Cushions are home decor items. Place it on sleeping bed, sofa or your table… they are an important part of home furnishings. Cushion covers ornament the cushions that sprawl your living room. They are a product of the diverse and rich textile tradition of India. They are manufactured from a variety of textile fibers or material. Cotton, silk, quilted silk, satin, viscose, organza, tissue and crochet are the preferred ones. They come in assorted colors and patterns. People are now keen to experiment with colors while they are decorating their living space. Cushion covers are a comfort and luxury item and hence they are made with this aim.

Types of Cushion Covers

One of the important aspects of cushion covers is that they can be customized. You can choose your style to decorate your home. If you want to give your home an ethnic look you can go in for hand block prints and embroidered cushion covers. Brocades and velvets are there f or a richer and glossier look. Traditional, ethnic and modern cushion covers are available for your home furniture as well as outdoor furniture. Hand embroidery, thread work, Kantha stitch, appliqué work and sequins typify cushion covers.

Cushion Covers as Modern Home Decor

Designer cushion covers in soothing colors like pink, mauve, lilac, mustard yellow are in great demand. Motifs and symbols are being printed on the furnishing material to give it a unique and innovative look. Creative textile designers are researching and experimenting with colors, patterns, motifs and textures to evolve the style and fashion of the cushion covers. Traditional symbols like ‘Swastika’ and ‘Om’ are being used as motifs to fuse heritage with the contemporary.Cushions and cushion covers drape your lifestyle with elegance and sophistication. By giving your cushion an attractive look they enhance the beauty of your bed or sofa.

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