Coconut Wood

Coconut Wood Decoratives

A decorative item heightens the look of the environs where it's placed by effective accompaniments and decoration.

The most important quality of a Coconut wood decorative is that it can survive for many years. A decorative item could be made using plenty of materials, and Coconut wood is one of them.

Coconut Wood Home Decor

Coconut wood can be a capable material for the manufacture of furniture, novelties and other handicrafts due to its beautiful grain and attractive natural appearance. In the market you can find a variety of high value coconut wood products. Such as,

  • Furniture
  • Decorative interior walls
  • Parquet floors
  • Various novelties and
  • Curio items like walking sticks, ash trays, hammer handles, egg cups, plates, bowls, vases, etc.

All these decorative Coconut wood items are equally, if not more than, similar to the traditional wood variety commonly used in the furniture industry. Look-wise they are close to each other.

Coconut wood also has potential for the manufacture of high value and export-quality finished decorative products. Here is a list of the several ornamental and decorative products that are crafted from this wood:

  • Soap Flower:
    Hand carved soap flowers is a decorative product and these are basically coconut wood containers. You will wonder at the convoluted craftsmanship of the soap flowers and the stylish design of the container. This soap flower is a decorative item, not intended for use as soap.

  • Coconut Wood Tray:
    An extended Coconut wood tray displays the rich grain of coconut wood. In these trays you can find the combination of the rings of bamboo to decorate the handles. The textural contrast is elegant and sophisticated, which will definitely enhance the beauty of your home décor.Hence, with effective product promotion, quality furniture and other high value coconut wood products can have a potential share not only in the domestic but also in the world markets.














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