Cane Decoration

Cane is a long and strong slender wooden stick usually of bamboo, reeds, rattan and sugarcane.

Cane decoratives are fashionable and are to be found in the plethora of home furniture and decor items. The art of weaving cane began in the later part of 17th century in England. Cane generally has a functional value as a walking stick, weapon or a punishment stick. But carved and crafted cane has a decorative value. Mainly cane that is derived from the bamboo plant is crafted and chiseled by artisans to create beautiful and artistic furniture and other fanciful items.

Cane Products and Decoratives

Be it your bed room, dining space, kitchen or your bath room cane objects and accessories are to seen everywhere. Artistically crafted cane wall hangings and wall mats are sure to liven up your bedrooms. Cane furniture like sofa and tables are there to decorate your drawing and dining space. You can spend hours in relaxing yourself on a cane easy chair. Table spreads and mats add beauty to your dining table. Baskets and object holders in kitchens are being made of cane… they look beautiful. Wash linen holders are crafted with cane. They are light weight and make your wash room look better. Just as your home gets more elegant and beautiful with cane furniture and decoratives, office décor is also catered to by cane products. Cane furniture was popular long before. In the recent years it has made a comeback because of its traditional, ethnic and antique look.









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