Bidri Art

Bidri Art Decoratives

India, a land of multi-cultural diversities is traditionally and historically rich in arts and crafts.

It can boast of its metallurgical skills and diversified metal works. Bidri Art is one of the several popular art forms in India. This handcraft is a type of surface ornamentation in black color.

Origin of Bidri Art

‘Bidri’ originated in Persia but the craft form in Indian context is unique in respect to the basic raw material that is used. Bidri Art is native to Karnataka. It originated in the town of Bidar located near Hyderabad. Ramanna, an artist popularized this art form to a great extent. Bidri items are made with gunmetal, an alloy of zinc and copper (the Persians used copper). The two metals are mixed and melted in a specially designed pot called ‘Mhuse’. The mixture is subjected to moulds of assorted shapes and sizes and is filed. Finally it is treated with a finishing of copper sulphate solution with effect of blackening the surface. Oil is applied to deepen the black coating further.

To enhance its look and texture silver and brass are inlaid for designs on the alloy of zinc and copper. On a smooth and flat piece of stone designs and patterns are engraved with the help of a spread of wax and ‘ral’. The high contrast between the jet black surface and the shine of silver makes Bidri work interesting and dramatically unique.

Bidri Work and Decoratives

Bidri art enhances the ornamental appearance of the products like jewelry boxes, flower vase, surahis, pen holders, bowls, caskets, paper weights, hookahs and cigar boxes. Key chains, cuff links and paper knives are some more innovative examples of Bidri Art. Bidri Art Decoratives are beautiful, charming and attractive.

Uniqueness of Bidri Work

Saline mud that is used in Bidri art works is kept away from sunlight and air for more than hundred years. This mud is usually obtained from very old buildings. It serves as an oxidizing agent and gives shine and gloss to Bidri items. The shine never fades and this aspect makes Bidri work to be treasured as interesting purchase and gifts. Fantasy and elegance are the hallmarks of Bidri metalware.














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